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45 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 26 - 44
English ability: Fluent
[IMPORTANT]: Like me before messaging me, i cant reply to you unless you send me a like first My profile says i am looking for someone in Armenia, no idea why, im looking everywhere. German background (mother born there), 1 younger sister and 1 nephew and 1 niece, 1 very sociable cat, and 1 anti social who lives in the upstairs cupboard whom I am lucky to see once a month. I am am affectionate person and i dont shy away from public displays of affection. Just because i am a man, doesn't mean i dont like the cuddling, kissing and hugging stuff. I do always want to hold my partners hand in public and at home. You dont really hold the hand of anyone, even your parents, but you do with the person you love, so holding hands i find to be quite initimate and reserved for someone special. I love with all of my being, but it also leaves me quite open to being hurt as it turns out. But, if you dont open up, you may never find what you are looking for, so i keep trying. Not here to waste anyone's time, or myself. Not afraid to admit I am looking for my life human, the cat's position is already filled. Speaking of which, I'm not some weirdo who cant admit he has two cats, so taking in to consideration my age and single status, I am well on the way to the male version of Cat-Lady. I have been told a few times, the initial impression when looking at me is that i am a player or ladies man, this notion makes me snort my coffee out of my nose. To be frank, I am a serial monogamous, i rarely date. The last date i went on was 2014 and its been 5, almost 6 years since my last relationship. AND given how a lot of men are on dating sites, to be really frank, i have not slept with anyone also for 5 years, i don’t do casual. If i talk to someone on this site, i invest all my time to that person, i don’t juggle chats by trying to hedge my bets. I am still optimistic about finding the right person. Though, I really do hate "dating". It seems so superficial and how much can you learn about someone after a few dates. There is a lot to live up to, a lot of expectations and a lot of uncomfortableness with a complete stranger. Most people say i am sociable and talkative etc, but in reality, i am a bit shy. When i start getting to know someone i can be a bit nervous, but due to an overcompensation, i seem more sociable. It's just a facade to hide how i really feel, but I’m too old to hide who i am or pretend to be something else. I am the kind of guy that believes that jealousy is toxic, I avoid relationships with these situations. So I find myself in relationships where there is complete trust. I am happy to spend time on my own and happy for my partner to do their thing, without looking over their shoulder like a paranoid capuchin monkey on crack. But don't get me wrong; I prefer to spend time together but I have always encouraged partners to have their alone time.. it benefits everyone. Online dating is a strange experience. Like a raw nerve, we expose ourselves; looking for that one person to connect to, hoping that we can find someone to be comfortable with and share parts of ourselves we don't feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. I don't like to put people in to boxes, so I am not looking for a specific kind of person I have conceptualized to be the ideal life mate. I don't wish to limit the kind of people i meet and I don't necessarily care about differences; differences make people interesting otherwise i may as well date myself. Contrary to popular behaviour and opinion; I am actually looking for a great smile and pretty eyes. It sounds incredibly corny and i hate the way it sounds, but you can show all kinds of skin in your photos, but it wont matter to me very much. Pretty eyes and a great smile can say a lot about someone; and I'm looking for a thousand words. I do want children, however it's not an issue if someone already has their own. I have done long distant relationships before, and over extended periods of time, so it has never been a problem for me with the right person, so long as the goal is to relocate to live with each other, or near if you are hesitant on taking that step. I think I would prefer talk with someone a bit, even on here and get to know them, perhaps form a friendship/connection and go from there. When we decide to meet, we meet as friends and not complete strangers across the table from each other... how awkward is that for everyone, seriously. I firmly believe everything worthwhile is worth making an effort for. In saying that; don't misconstrue this as a reluctance to meet someone or even commit. Merely, I am looking for a connection, I am not looking for a 1 night stand, nor am I looking to go on a few dates in the hope of getting laid, so I am quite comfortable developing something rather than rushing in to something and trying to force it to work. Men behave in atrocious ways with online dating. It must be hard being on the receiving end of a petulant narcissistic child’s tantrum because you reject them or you don't react the way they want. Their ego's bruise with the slightest gust of wind and they go into feral cat mode. I am always concerned when I message someone that I i am lumped in to this horrendous category, and it can also be the reason why i don’t message someone even when i am interested. Holy crap, if you managed to get this far, congratulations!