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35 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female
So a little about myself.. I'm half Greek and half Turkish, born and raised in Australia now traveling around working in Maritime Security. I'm very much a citizen of the world, I'm enigmatic, mysterious, romantic, passionate, refined, intelligent, witty, elegant and chivalrous and I love to have wholesome fun but also have a very devious wild side which not many see. Many think I'm arrogant but that's not really true, I'm just comfortable with who I am and confident that I can achieve anything that I want in life. Experience has shown me that I can do anything I want. I'm dominant but not overbearing but when crap hits the fan I take charge. Maybe they also call me arrogant because I say that I can lead a horse to water, and I can make it drink. But I did, true story. Some have said that I'm an adventurer and a thrill seeker. If this were true, it would mean that I was the one chasing adventure and that is not the case. Instead, I simply live life to its fullest and adventure comes along for the ride. Some have also called me a shameless flirt with no morals who uses charm to seduce beautiful and sexy women. Guilty as charged, but with some reservations. I'm not a player and I never have to lie to women to get them to be with me. I think the idea of having wingmen is ridiculous, we're not a pack of hyenas. If you need a guy to hold your hand to speak to a woman perhaps you're more comfortable with men than women.. I think there are hardly any real men these days, society has turned them into a bunch of weak mamma's boys who are arrogant, loud mouthed and not at all men.
67 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 41 - 41
Sacred Call to Sacred Feminine Goddess, Maria, 41, Medellin, Colombia. I arrive Guilin 20 March to tour Yangtze River basin for four months including Wuhan, 3 gorges dam, Chongqing Shanghai and Shenzhen and invite appointments to meet with me. I AM an eternal soul currently occupying a vehicle called a human body and a natural person and freeman as evidenced by my ‘Live Birth Certificate’ and my purpose and mission this life has been to clear past life ‘bad’ karma and then accumulate karmic merits. Therefore to accumulate more karmic merits, my pure intention and goal is to BE in Sacred Union with my 'soul mate, Twin Flame, Divine partner' after she identifies and knows and feels in her inner Divine and Sacred yin/feminine intuition, soul, chi, heart, mind and wisdom that I am the correct Divine and Sacred yang/masculine for her unconditional love to evolve our souls to the next level as 'soul mates' and therefore accumulate karmic merits From my perspective, a 'soul mate, Twin Flame, Divine partner' is unrelated to culture, nationality, location, ethnicity, colour, language, philosophy, education, spirituality, cosmology, religion, class, age, wealth, outer beauty (prefer inner beauty, current natural and in nature to studio, photo brushed profile photos), travel desires, sensuality, sexualness, loneliness, speed marriage, motherhood/childlessness and I am open to possibility, if you feel a true desire to have a child/children. Therefore I expect you to seriously reflect with proper discernment, as my intention is for you to make correct choice and decision, so you know Sacred Union to accumulate karmic merits with mutual unconditional love, consciousness level (CL) 540+, as described by Dr David R Hawkins MD Ph D as 'Map of Consciousness' in his book 'POWER Vs FORCE: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour' https://veritaspub.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6955vsZhao I respect and honor your natural inner and outer beauty, eyes, smile, intilligence, cultural wisdom, sensual Divine and Sacred yin womanhood and is very magnetic. Also I am a 'cultural creative' in both the consciousness/wellbeing and environmental segments (and not a modern or traditional man), a global rapidly growing segment (now approximately 30% of western culture) of our human family, with very different values, regardless of nationality, race, religion, yet majority are women https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cultural_Creatives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNNeeAdUwBE Born in year of the ‘dragon’, I am most compatible with 'rats, monkeys, dragons, pigs, snakes, horses' and incompatible with 'dogs'. Thank you for understanding and comprehending and maybe accepting who I AM and my pure intention and goal for eternal Sacred Union of our souls forever, much more than modern and traditional 'normal' marriage.
39 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 21 - 35



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