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53 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 28
Hair type:
ATTENTION LADIES: I kindly ask of you to please read my entire profile VERY ATTENTIVELY prior to a decision of possibly sending me an introduction letter. THANK YOU! I am on a serious mission for finding my soul mate here. I don’t advertise or pretend to be something that I am not. I do not play games and I would hope that you would be serious and would not play games either. My goal is to find a woman who is down-to-earth and is less interested in a man’s financial position, but does appreciate the simpler things in life like holding hands, sharing affection, sharing the great bond of friendship, and sharing passionate kisses. I want to fall in love with a woman who is OPENLY AFFECTIONATE towards her beloved man; who will be the BEST FRIEND to me; who will be HONEST with me; who will be FAITHFUL to me; who will be a TRUSTWORTHY person in the relationship; who will truly CARE about me; who will LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY; one who is SINCERE with her attitudes towards me; one who LOVES CHILDREN; one who is a PASSIONATE LOVER; and one who will be TRULY COMMITTED to the relationship, which includes spending an abundant amount of TIME with me and our future children. These are all attitudes that I would so openly display towards my soul mate if I were ever to find her. I am not going to settle for someone that I do not want, just for the sake of my not feeling lonely anymore. You must be honest and true to yourself… That is; if you know it to be true that your personality and attitude towards your future beloved man cannot meet the criteria identically as described above, then I would kindly appreciate that you respect me honourably by NOT sending me an introduction letter. Thank you.
55 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 29 - 42
Hair type:
I am a creative and good-humored person who is a romantic and a kid at heart. New ideas, wit, romance, and a playful attitude are what keep me young. Recently I started my own online business in helping people learn English. It is rewarding to interact with people and help them progress in such a useful skill. Also, my Faith in God is an important aspect of my life and I continually live to be a charitable and confident man that is grateful and hopeful for everything God has provided. My intentions are serious and clear. I want to marry, make someone a happy wife, and raise a wonderful family. I want to bring love, energy, and creativity to my future wife and family. Here is a little something of the poetic in me. Something I wrote. May the person who reads it understand. An Ocean to Love _________________ A woman is like an ocean. Broad, deep, and untamed. The sun sinks and rises from her bosom. The moon and stars light up her night sky. Life teams within her. Islands of refuge dot her vastness. So to the romance traveler, men of keen hearts, I say, listen well. It takes an explorer of true faith and courage, to navigate her waters, to trust her currents, ride her storms, enjoy her coastlines, and walk her beaches. Wonders will never cease in knowing her depth and breadth. Like an ocean, you might sail across it for a long time not knowing where you might go. But when the day does come for you to take anchor, be wise in your choice and ever grateful for the good fortune to be alive to know her, such an ocean of love, a woman.
54 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
Hair type:
I will talk a little bit about my approach to diet, workout, healing/medicine, spirituality, sex, books, music, likes/interests, dislikes, and dream; and hopefully this can give you some ideas about who and how I am. Diet: I have a very healthy approach to what I eat. I am in a gluten and dairy free diet most of the time. I have super foods such as maca, goji and schizandra berries, reishi powder, cordyceps powder, lucuma powder, pine pollen, etc. Also bone broth and I have fermented foods like dairy kefir (only dairy product that I take daily) and sauerkraut. Kombucha has become one of my favourite fermented drinks. Now, on the other side, I love dining out and I like trying everything (avoiding dairy and gluten as much as I can :-) I love sushi, Indian, Thai, Chinese (specially Szechuan), Greek, Peruvian, Mediterranean, seafood, etc. and etc. I will go to the most exotic restaurant in town and I will try it for sure. As a side note, I used to live and work in the Amazon, and I tried a lot of different things there and among them I tried "suri" (you can Google it as "suri Amazonian"). So believe me, I will go and try mostly anything. Workout I practise Qi Gong and rebounding ( i have a beautiful mini trampoline in my apartment; and i am sorry but i do have to share the brand - Bellicon). I do the eventual 5 Rhythms or Core Conexion class and Laughter Yoga (not in a long time). I did some Yoga and some meditation before (yoga nidra and nada yoga); now, I am more into Qi Gong and jumping/rebounding and biking (road bike, single speed) I also walk and do some hiking too. I would really like to get into kayaking for summer time. If you notice, I tried to keep everything I do for workout low impact and the main reason for that is that after playing soccer and a racket ball game (fronton) for many years, I hurt one of my knees very badly so I have to keep it low impact. Healing / Medicine I have done a big journey on this field and I have tried a variety of approaches: Traditional, TCM, Energy, Natural, Homeopathic, Binaural beats, You name it. So far, my conclusion is that I am my own healer; and I find that what I eat, what I read, what I watch, what I listen to, what I choose for workout, what I smell, etc. Anything that my senses and my mind and my spirit can perceive and feels good or bad; all can make a huge impact in my health. So I have embarked in this amazing journey of making the right choices for keeping myself in good shape in all aspects of my life; and I am learning a lot more about myself. I am paying attention to myself. I am practising transformational breathing (circular breathing). Now, I still have my family Dr.; I have an amazing massage therapist; and a really good acupuncturist. Spirituality I have read a lot of books from Nietzsche to Josemaria Escriva and a lot in between. I have also attended a few churches. At the very end, I believe that I am an spiritual being just to call it something. One of the very few authors and probably the main one that I read is Anthony de Mello; and if you are curious about his writings, we can always talk about it. It will be nice to read his books with someone because in my opinion, they are meant to be a shared reading. Most of them are short stories from different religions and cultures and traditions, all assembled in a few books. One story by Anthony de Mello: WHO AM I? A tale from Attar of Neishapur The lover knocked of his Beloved’s door. “Who knocks?” said the Beloved from within. “It is I,” said the lover. “Go away. This house will not hold you and me.” The lover withdrew and pondered for years on the words the Beloved had said. The he returned and knocked again. “Who knocks?” “It is you.” The door was immediately opened. ;) Sex I am actively studying and practising Tantra. And I am reading Sherri Winston and soon Jwala and Margo Anand. I just read my profile again and I realized that the "actively practising Tantra" can be misleading and confusing; this does not mean that I practise with any partner (nothing wrong with this; it is just that I am not doing it). First of all, my interpretation of Tantra is not sex specific; and also you can create a solo practice which of course is not as fun as with a partner but it helps me build up certain skills needed for the sex specific part of a tantric practice. Also the practise is about enjoying everything you do like having an orgasmic experience eating a chocolate, etc. Anyhow, there are many groups where to practise and i did visit with them but not my thing. I did one to one practices with a couple of Tantra instructors and it was very helpful for me. After that I do my own thing. Books: All titles by Anthony de Mello; I find his books stimulating and provoking and inspiring and challenging. All four Nasrudin books by Idries Shah. Music I am still exploring in this area. I am finding that what I am liking is instrumental music or in a language that I do not understand with uplifting or relaxing or fun beats. I am experimenting with some Kundalini music, African drums, Didgeridoo, etc. Likes and Interests in any order Travelling, dining, hiking, camping, contemporary dance, street art, Ballet, Mozart on the Mountains, Beethoven in the Badlands, some Opera, Farmers market, sorbet, coffee, tea, Dark chocolate, Beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, rainforest, Kayaking, zip lines, networking, watching a comedy or a good movie in a couch with some organic popcorn and a Q ginger ale ;-), having a good wine / drink once in a while, and much more Dislikes Crowded places, noisy places Dream: I don’t know how many plans you have made in your life; I have done many and for the most part or I am very misaligned with the plans that the universe has for me for this life time or I have no idea how to make plans haha. So now I decided to call this such plans only “dreams with a plan” ;) I will see if this works better. Will I be able to trick the universe? ;) Anyhow, my “dream” is to move to a beautiful beach (maybe somewhere in the Caribbean where the happiest people in the world lives according to the Happy Index site) and start a business that could be but not limited to an Alternative Coffee Shop, a Bed and Breakfast with a Holistic approach, something related to a very specific type of tourism (not the typical), a small organic farm of a very specific product, or ALL in One big project; or? Any ideas? Are you interested? ;)
51 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 38
Hair type:
Mayo 2018 Hablo Espaňol y viajo a Colombia por trabajo. Te pido disculpas por tener un perfil en ingles pero fue traido de otro sitio. En fin, como vivo en Canada y me paso la vida hablando ingles y frances en la vida diara, asi como en el trabajo, mi pareja tiene que estar abierta a cuando menos aprender ingles, por lo que voy a dejar mi descripcion como esta y si tienes preguntas, por favor mandamelas y yo te contesto...;) == I'm a laid-back and spiritual entrepreneur, trying to find a woman that makes my passionate life, even better! Due to my professional responsibilities, I travel domestically and internationally and fortunately, I cherish discovering new destinations and enjoying life. I have had the fortune to live in 5 countries and visit 60 countries to date. Have been in Canada for the last 24 years. I speak English, French and Spanish and started learning Russian in the past thus; very open to have a polyglot/multilingual family household. Despite my demanding professional life, I enjoy meditation, contemplation, exercising, sports, reading and writing. I write as a hobby and in the process of publishing a "Consciousness Expansion" blog. Neither watching TV is not part of my life (unless is a nice film), nor I watch sports. I spend my limited time with a handful of dear friends and don't participate in social media. In English we say: "I take the road less traveled"...It is important you know this, for I live a stimulating and peaceful existence and don't need the outside noise to be content and complete. As I'm sure we all agree, it takes time to discover affinity and common interests between 2 people thus; I'm only here to communicate with someone willing to take the time to go through the learning process. Although I travel often, I will make the time for you, for I'm serious about my quest and would like to have you with me in the future. In order to simplify life and respect everyone's time, I will need to see you briefly on Skype to verify you are the person in the profile. If you are not able to give me this reassurance, I won’t be able to establish a dialogue with you. Sorry and it's nothing personal. I would like to meet my future wife to create a family and write our love story....I promise you that once I find you, I will cross the planet and go above and beyond to be with you and bringing you to me...Manny



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