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74 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 48
65 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Soy una atractiva joven que busca IT profesional viviendo en Canadá que disfruta de la cena y el baile y abrazos y besos y las damas jóvenes. No tengo problemas para encontrar mujeres jóvenes fechas aquí en Canadá entre 20 y 30 años, pero me encanta latina señoras muy raras en Canadá y me encanta las mujeres colombianas creo que las mujeres colombianas son atractivas y hermosas, aunque yo no hablo español. Soy una persona con cerebro no músculos. Puedo ofrecer mucho amor, pero no mucho dinero. Puedo ofrecer buena vida pero no lujo. Soy un hombre respetuoso y educado con una piel muy blanca y muy suave, aunque los ojos oscuros y el pelo y el cuerpo medio construido. Si usted está buscando un tipo peludo peludo grande macho que le propondrá alrededor no soy para usted. Sin embargo, si usted está buscando un respetuoso feminista emocional suave caballero que te trata bien y como igual y te abrazo y te beso entonces estoy para ti y no se atreven a mi fecha de nacimiento. Soy muy joven que parece a finales de los años 30 o quizás a mediados de los 40 en mis peores días, Podría haber alegado fácilmente ser 40 sin embargo no quería comenzar una amistad con una mentira pero quería ser honesto con usted acerca de mi edad de 60 como creo firmemente en la honestidad como una gran calidad. Soy una persona con cerebro no músculos. Soy grande en corazón y mente pero no grande en cuerpo. Puedo ofrecer mucho amor, pero no mucho dinero. Puedo ofrecer buena vida pero no lujo. Puedo ofrecer una apariencia atractiva y una gran personalidad, pero no muy joven. Si encuentro a la persona a la que estoy fuertemente atraído físicamente (joven y bella) y que es muy amable con un gran corazón y somos muy compatibles, extiendo conversaciones a una invitación a Canadá en el horario de verano cuando el clima es cálido Están congelando ahora mismo) y los pájaros cantan y el olor del amor está en el aire. I am an attractive young looking IT professional living in Canada who enjoys dinner and dancing and hugging and kissing and dating young ladies. I have no issues finding young female dates here in Canada between 20 to 30 years old but I love latine ladies very rare in Canada and I love Colombian women I think that Colombian women are sexy and beautiful, though I don't speak Spanish . I am a person with brain not muscles. I can offer a lot of love but not a lot of money. I can offer good life but not luxury. I am a gentle respectful and highly educated man with very white and very soft skin, though dark eyes and hair and average built body. If you are looking for a macho big rough hairy guy who will boss you around I am not for you. However, if you are looking for a respectful feminist emotional soft gentleman who treats you well and as equal and will hug you and kiss you then I am for you and don't shy away by my birth date. I am very young looking like in the late 30's or maybe mid 40's in my worst days i could have easily claimed to be 40 however i didn't want to start a friendship with a lie and I wished to be honest with you about my age of 60 as I believe strongly in honesty as a great quality. I am a person with brain not muscles. I am big in heart and mind but not big in body. I can offer a lot of love but not a lot of money. I can offer good life but not luxury. I can offer attractive looks and great personality but not very youth. If I find the one whom I am strongly physically attracted too (young and beautiful) and who is very kind with a big heart and we are very compatible I extend conversations to an invitation to Canada in the summer time when the weather is warm (we are freezing right now) and birds are singing and love smell is in the air.
62 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 50
To tell you a bit more about myself, I am very outgoing and social, when I travel I prefer to go to the types of places that locals go, so I can meet the real people, and enjoy the real culture, rather than just eat in the hotel. I truly love great food, good drink and fun company. I love to walk, both in natural settings and in cities. I own my own business that gives me the freedom to travel often. If everything works out I hope to semi-retire in the next couple of years and move either permanently or temporarily to a sunny country, in Latin America, Southern Europe, or maybe you have another suggestion. The woman I am seeking will be confident, outgoing, romantic, forgiving, supportive, and have a positive outlook on life. She will be strong enough to have her own interests as well as sharing some of mine. I dream of a true partner, someone to share adventures, passion, as well as quiet times. Some of the best days start out as simply as walking together to the nearest cafe and sitting outside in the sunshine and watching the life around us, then heading over to a farmers market and picking out fresh food that we can cook together later in the day. She will know that after I've had a hard day, greeting me with an extra long hug, or sitting in my lap and just holding me will wash away the days cares. She will bring me joy as I watch her experience new things in life. Regarding children, I love them, but at 57 it is a little late in life for me to be starting to raise babies, so hopefully I will be able to find a woman that will be happy being my queen, and open to enjoying life as part of a loving couple. the truth is that I'm looking for my lover, partner, and best friend all rolled up into one woman! If after all of this you think we might be good for each other, please feel free to ask me anything you might be curious about, and let's see if a relationship develops.
51 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 38
Mayo 2018 Hablo Espaňol y viajo a Colombia por trabajo. Te pido disculpas por tener un perfil en ingles pero fue traido de otro sitio. En fin, como vivo en Canada y me paso la vida hablando ingles y frances en la vida diara, asi como en el trabajo, mi pareja tiene que estar abierta a cuando menos aprender ingles, por lo que voy a dejar mi descripcion como esta y si tienes preguntas, por favor mandamelas y yo te contesto...;) == I'm a laid-back and spiritual entrepreneur, trying to find a woman that makes my passionate life, even better! Due to my professional responsibilities, I travel domestically and internationally and fortunately, I cherish discovering new destinations and enjoying life. I have had the fortune to live in 5 countries and visit 60 countries to date. Have been in Canada for the last 24 years. I speak English, French and Spanish and started learning Russian in the past thus; very open to have a polyglot/multilingual family household. Despite my demanding professional life, I enjoy meditation, contemplation, exercising, sports, reading and writing. I write as a hobby and in the process of publishing a "Consciousness Expansion" blog. Neither watching TV is not part of my life (unless is a nice film), nor I watch sports. I spend my limited time with a handful of dear friends and don't participate in social media. In English we say: "I take the road less traveled"...It is important you know this, for I live a stimulating and peaceful existence and don't need the outside noise to be content and complete. As I'm sure we all agree, it takes time to discover affinity and common interests between 2 people thus; I'm only here to communicate with someone willing to take the time to go through the learning process. Although I travel often, I will make the time for you, for I'm serious about my quest and would like to have you with me in the future. In order to simplify life and respect everyone's time, I will need to see you briefly on Skype to verify you are the person in the profile. If you are not able to give me this reassurance, I won’t be able to establish a dialogue with you. Sorry and it's nothing personal. I would like to meet my future wife to create a family and write our love story....I promise you that once I find you, I will cross the planet and go above and beyond to be with you and bringing you to me...Manny



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