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44 Altenburg, Thuringia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Appearance: Average
I would consider myself to be a loving, respectful and friendly person, that loves to do good to others and that tries to make the world a better place. Mentally I'm a thinker by nature (INTP-A), so I love intelligent conversations and to create knowledge. Wisdom is what fascinates me. (By the way, I'm a good listener too.) What defines me is my faith in Jesus. From Him I have learned selfless love and patience and to love people in the way that He loves me. So a christian character is what describes me the best. On the other hand, I like risk and to try the impossible. Nothing bores me more than the "ordinary", but of what is "special", I can not get my hands off. As a typical German, I love to work. So striving forward is somehow my hobby. Besides that, I like to spend time with people I love and to go into nature and I like traveling the world. Doing exercise is also nice. So, if you want e.g. to go for a 10k run, I come with you. ...or we swim, ride, hike, play, dance, or whatever you like. Since I'm more the discerning type, I behave calm and sensible, but at the same time very focused, persevering, and determined. So I act out of principle and not of impulse. Concerning my lifestyle, I try to live healthy. Yes, I'm a little bit different than the average, I'm more extraordinary, but that's who I am. Have I mentioned that I like piano? I do not play it, but I like to listen to someone playing it. So, I think that's enough for a short summary. I hope it was telling. If you like to know more about me, then we should talk.
49 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 25 - 45
Appearance: Average
Honest, decent looking, good heart, hard working man. Not ordinary person, tall, artist, not into fooball and most of man "pattern" passions and most of trendy things. I like and enjoy basic life and things, good conversations, simple food, intelegent and sensual at same time, shy and might appear as cold and uninterested but dont let this distract You. Im curious and present. More spiritual than materialist. Looking for her to laugh with even if it is Monday. Additionally: Im 48, single, never married, no kids. Im 190 tall slim guy, more than decent looking for my age. What ever. First of all, I found a lot of scammers on this site and I really hope You not one of them. Most of them are follow same pattern of communication so, I will recognize if You are one as well -so, dont waste eachothers time. I live alone, I work hard stressfull job so I dont have much of time for emotional games. I want simple and decent life to share with simmilar oriented woman. I notice that Im attracted to woman other kind of etnicity and background than those one from "my kind", please read this no other way but- europian. I tought It is just an egzotic thing but deeper thinking about it made me realize it is more than just that. I want to belive that i can find person who could have simmilar interest as i do. To have simple, ground level humble life, familly. I am ready to open myself completley to someone who sincereley want simillar and who is not endless hole never filled up satisfactions esspecialy for material things. Only supreficial thing for me is that I would like to find tall and slim woman with good heart - couse I am like that and because I could not establish relationship with different kind no matter how hard I would try. Most of woman with kids have selfdoubts if man will accept their children - I consider all children as gift so... i dont want even say its not problem 'couse how kid could be a "problem". I dont have any of mine so You can easly say I dont have idea what Im talking about and You would be right, but that is the way I am at the moment. On other hand, I dont want to buy anyone with anything but with good intentions and love, thererfore - any other kind of exchange than soul fullfilment is out of question. Belive me, I know how hard life we sharing can be, but some things are just not for a trade at all. It is not love if its not free.