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51 Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
Seeking: Female 27 - 58
Body style: Average
At this time I am only a standard member as I check out this site. I am hoping to find a Latina girlfriend in Germany or a neighbouring country, say France, Belgium, Luxembourg. All the ladies listed closer by have not been on the site for 12 months. That will hold me back paying up for full membership. I will pay up if an interesting lady living within 250 km of me shows up in my match. Until then I will not be able to read any messages. I am a decent guy, very passionate, understanding and always treat women with respect. I also expect to be treated with respect. I am absolutely NOT into one night stands. Oh, and my fotos are recent. I have lived for many many years overseas, mostly in the Far East, also in Latin America for a short while. I only returned to Germany earlier this year. A lot has changed since I last lived here and I am slowly rediscovering the place. Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in my own country :-) I am a foodie, I like good food, French and Italian wines, Czech and Belgian beers, Brittany and Frankfurt ciders. But I always drink in moderation as I am drinking for the taste, NOT to get drunk. I also love Italian coffee and French and Viennese pastries. An Italian coffee bar or a Viennese style coffee house is the kind of place I like to hang out. I am also an accomplished cook and I love to spoil my woman with culinary delights I made for her, mostly Italian, French and some German cuisine. Other than food, I like traveling, photography, cinema, reading, listening to music, playing the violin, riding the bike, taking a walk in the park/nature or have interesting conversations. As for my dislikes, I absolutely do NOT like American fast food chains like McDonalds and Starbucks, they sell nothing but JUNK and I will NEVER go there. Also, I do NOT watch TV other than news channels. I find TV dull. I rather read a book or watch a proper movie. Now I am looking for a nice Latin girlfriend to enjoy these and other activities together.
51 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Hesse, Germany
Seeking: Female
Body style: Average
Communication is key in a relationship, so pls contact me only if u r able to my profile. Many thanks! I am a man of commitment and (traditional) values. I value honesty, trust, family and friedship, social engagement. I'm very realistic, but at the same time I try to see the world through 'chidren's eyes' as often as possible. I'm able to smile/ laugh about myself. I enjoy the 'simple things in life' as well as luxury and extraordinary moments in life. I'm very tolerant - within acceptable boarders ;) . I love to laugh until I cry, I enjoy beeing close to the one I love and I believe that a fullfiled sexual life for BOTH partners is (just) one important part of a relationship. But it IS of importance! I enjoy doing sports (Scubadiving and Biking), volunteer firefighting, literature, latin-american dancing, socialising, reading, ... If I once trust and love a person, I will never let this person down and I shall do everything possible for this person, as long as this person is honest with me. I prefer the pain that might come with the truth then facing dishonesty. I'm hardworking and successful in my professional life. (You can see how I look in my profile and I want to know about you. I shall not answer to profiles without fotos.) I am aware and respect our differences in cultures. I'm ready to accept them, or deal with them. esp if it comes to supporting your relatives. But if you are looking for a marriage without having lived together with me in my country first, or even more unrealistic without having met before at all, I'm realy sorry, but I'm the wrong man to address! Please don't think I'm rude, but I have been cheated on in my last (and only) marriage twice (yes it works that direction too ;) ) while I was working and I want to be as sure as possible not 2 face that kind of situation ever again!
53 Königswinter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 35
Body style: Average
B4 blaming n beatinGirLOL m beside judging and thinkinGirLOL negativelyeahh abt ME, i would like to let u know that i ve my islamic reason 2 look 4 another wife who will be a co-wife, sister and why not best friend to my actual wife who has no problem AllhamdulilAllah sharing me with another sister machaAllah inchaAllah!! Beside she n u cannot b better than Aisha, Maimuna, Safiya n co. RA wives of our beloved prophet PBUH who shared him peacefuly and were sisters n friends 2 each other indeed! Now If u tell m he was the prophet BEST man kind SAS! then i would reply they were too the best women ever!! smile n lol but im crying till u agree 2 b my future wife right now!! smile smile I do believe that a STRONGER man is the 1 who is SOFT to his wife as the Prophet PBUH stated in 1 hadith: "the BEST among u (men) is the 1 who is best kind and soft to his wives and im -implies him PBUH- the BEST to his wives"!! machaAllah look at the kindness of our beloved Prophet Mohammed! Beside im here to be ur professoReallYeah if u are REALLY willing to learn Islam (if u are not a Muslima yet or born Muslima but have not much learned about our lovelyeah religion!?) or to learn more about Islam as well as Arabic BUT to learn these through a good teacher who would be too patient (as a CameLOlovelyeahh! smile) to teach u and accept when u make mistakes and support u to be STRONGER and CLOSER to Allah every day if not every hour since daily life of a Muslim must be all rewarded as far as it is done for Allah´s sake!? For instance cooking for you and on top feeding u with my proper fingers while looking at your face and smiling 2u n u 2m will be many rewards given by Allah SWT 2 both of us machaAllah! Yes i mean it SERIOUSLY i would do more than that 4 u inchaAllah u will c otherwise u can ask 4 divorce! smile or lol but i am crying now till u would ask my hand 4 marriage since i deserve more than that believe me dear sister n future wife!!! Now if u want to know more details about me ArabiCarinGuy n g mai l d ot k om simply send m a messae or come to chating board by clicking CHAT function here as you may know already to discuss marriage SERIOUSLY inchaAllah! And PLEAAAAASE only those SERIOUS about MARRIAGE so no friendship, etc..!!!



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