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51 Englewood, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 24 - 42
45 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 50
Hi! My name is Billy. I'm a newly divorced dad of two young boys (12 and 9). Bottom line, they are my everything. I'm retired military, and I'm a now an analyst with the federal government. I live up in the Colorado Rockies, and I love it. I'm currently at a stage in my life where I'm really only looking for someone to socialize and chit-chat with. I'm not looking for anything physical or romantic at this point. I'm not particularly religious, but my faith is personal and important to me. What isn't important to me is your faith, because it's none of my business unless you want to discuss it. I'm more than happy to have friendly conversations on the subject. Politically, I lean conservative, with a libertarian streak. And like most libertarians, I'm a total hypocrite given that I've worked for the government my entire adult life. I'm not opposed to having someone disagree with me, as long as all parties can stay emotionally under control. I have a sarcastic, and sometimes dark, sense of humor (Thanks Big Army!), so I appreciate those with a cutting wit. I lived for several years in Europe, several more in Africa, I traveled in South and Central America, and I did my obligatory time in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, I love to travel, and I have a deep appreciation for foreign cultures, new experiences, and mostly for new and delicious cuisine. I love the solace of the mountains, and my early-morning hikes are almost sacred to me. I prefer to live away from people, but I am comfortable around people. I just prefer the quiet in my downtime.
53 Denver, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 36
Estoy en la costa del Caribe. So good to be traveling again! Mas tarde voy a traducir mi perfil . . . Most of the time, I'm friendly and engaging. I'm interested in people and their amazing stories. I'm a good listener. There are a lot of things that make me happy. I'm sporty -- I love basketball, soccer, and pickleball. I enjoy dancing to just about anything including salsa, hip-hop, pop, and swing. I do improv theater and comedy as a hobby. I would like to have a partner who is wiling to play silly theater games with me. I'm seem like I am easy-going, and most of the time I am -- but beneath the surface, I am driven and ambitious (not for money, but to live a meaningful and fulfilling life). If you are really really religious, I am probably not for you. I am more into nature, education, the arts, and open-minded spirituality for inspiration. I am spiritual but not religious. I meditate. When I meditate, things tend to go smoothly and well for me. When I don't, I get scattered. I'm generally a very nice guy, but sometimes I can be focused and intense, like when I am hungry. Really loud volume is my kryptonite. As much as I love to dance, you won't find me spending much time in a loud club. I want to be able to hear each other, to be able to connect. I want to have kids and a happy family (I know I'll be getting a late start at this). I take good care of myself. I eat healthy and exercise, so I am in pretty good shape. I'm fully vaccinated (three shots of Pfizer). I love to travel. In January and February of 2020, I traveled in Japan and the Philippines. In 2019, I spend a month in England and Ethiopia. In 2018, I went to Stockholm and Paris.