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56 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Seeking: Female 50 - 90
My name is Curtis Anderson.I live in south Louisiana halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans,Louisiana.each city is about forty miles away with international airports,where I can fly to your city.I am wanting to move to Latin America very soon.I have no reason holding holding me to remain living in the United States.I was given up for adoption at the time of my birth,april 8,1965.y birth mother was fifteen years old.I was in the New Orleans hospital orphanage for two months until my adoptive step mother came and got me and brought me home with her.she and I were close until I became an adult and moved to los angeles and began driving 18 wheeler trucks coast to coast professionally.I drove a million miles over many years in this career,until I had a serious wreck and fractured my skull,the doctors told me I had to recover.I had the truck wreck in march 1993 and it took me three years before the doctors released me and during such time the insurance companies forced me to retire and they paid me a large settlement and I was granted social security disabilty.I had gotten married the first of 1991 and had gotten hurt in march 1993,two years later.my first wife was very into her career and she worked twelve hour days,leaving me at home in recovery in her mothers mansion alone with her mother as her younger sister worked with her,both of them in the local hospital.I have my only son who is twenty four years old now,I didn`t know his mother was married and she got pregnant with my baby and after my son was born she would not let me visit him and she so I was very hurt and the thiree ladies,one of whom I married all three women helped me overcome the hurt of not being able to see my son.my son was born iin 1989.I have been married to two different women,my last divorce was in 2000,and I have not had any lady friends and relationships since then.My first wife was to a hometown girl,her family and mine have been long time friends.she and I were twenty five years old when we got married.she had a younger sister who was twenty years old,and her mother was fifty four years old,all three ladies had long blonde hair.I grew up on my step fathers and his fathers farm.beginging when I was ten years old,both men were hard on me,making me work in the garden picking and filling up bushels until dark after school.then I had to bring the cows in to the pens close to the barn and feed them.my adoptive step father was a constant reader of western novels and so by the time I was ten years old I was reading them.By the age of thirteen years old, my adoptive mother began buying notebooks,pencils,pens and urging me to write my own stories.I had a creative mind and I started writing and I never stopped.I have been a writer for thirty five years now.I have owned computers since 1995 and since then I have typed into word documents every story I ever wrote as my adoptive mother saved all the notebooks plus I have written hundreds more during the past 18 years on computers.now I have a total of about 2,500 writings,westerns,dramas,mystrys,romance,history manuscripts for books and novels,some are short stories whoch were the first I wrote in my teenage years.my biggest manuscripts are 1,000 page westerns.I have been in talks for six months with different publishers and this week I signed a contract with the biggest book publisher in the United States,they are going to publish 100 of my manuscripts and put my western novels in all the major bookstores in the country.I worked in my teenage years in the lake ponchatrain on my step fathers 50 foot shrimp boat for four years until i was stung thousands of times and the doctor told me I was allargic to seafood and I could not touch or eat it anymore so I have not eaten seafood for thirty years.I finished high school at seventeen years old and enrolled into a twelve month welding school where I studied and learned all methods of welding.after that I was eighteen years old and I enrolled into a six month massage theraphy school at the local college.I completed the massage school and got my lisense to practice massage theraphy in the state of Louisiana.I got a job working on offshore oil rigs out in the gulf of Mexico.I worked on the huge oil rigs that were one hundred feet above the stormy seas,twelve hour s a day for six weeks,then I got to get on the 220 foot boat and come home.the boat ride was always between eight to twelve hours to land,then I was off work for two weeks and then back offshore for six weeks more work.I worked as an assistant to the cook,and as a welder and as a assistant welder to the welding boss when he had to go underwater,I went with him.when I turned twenty one years old I enrolled in a three month professional truck driving school in the state of Indiana then I went to los angeles to start driving coast to coast for one of the large trucking companies out there.I drove for years,over a million miles in 18 wheelers until I had a bad wreck,I did not hit anybody or any other vehicule,.I was injured badly,suffered fractured skull,my face was cut up and every muscle was pulled in my body,but nothing but my skull was broken. I have raised baby heifer calves from a bottle of milk since I was twelve years old and for about twenty five years I owned a herd of three hundred mama cows and their calves.I sold them when I was faced with my legs began to weaken.I could write a thousand pages about my life but that is for another time.I adore latin women.I spent a total of 708 days,twenty five months total in Colombia between 1996 to 2000.I also spent another six months in Costa Rica during the same period.I love both countries.I have traveled in Mexico also.I want to find a latin lady who will love me and be my best friend and spend forever with me.I want to move to latin america.ladies please don`t be shy or take offense at what I write in my profile.I am an honest,caring,kind,calm,father,best friend,lover, a son who seeks a new latin mother for me to worship and for her to be devoted to me and I need a loving latin wife.if you are interested in me please send me a message,make sure you use the correct title in the drop down box and type what you want me to know in the box.I can read seven letters that not capital letters and no spaces.please do not say hola.if you want to be my wife,say,marryme,or imarry,and if you were born in 1949,thats the year my birth mother was born so you are the right age and can be my mother from now on.Age does not matter to me,I am not interested in young girls.please read below what I am looking for and don`t take offense,as I am being honest about what I am searching for in a wife and a mother.if I do not tell you these things that are important to me,then you will not know,so I must write here as I will not write about sex in emails,or talk about it the day we meet in person.also I am not interested in sex before marriage.I want to know you before we make love. I have a market in the USA for products made in Colombia. Leather goods, purses, blue jean boots etc. furniture.also my book publisher will be publishing my western novels into Spanish and offered to bookstores everywhere in different places in Colombia with a return policy8 insureance I have allowing bookstores to return unsold novels after six months.they will sell.I lived in Colombia for twenty five months and traveled all over,ta,ing the cross country buses,riding all night twelve hour bus rides,between citys and towns,love Colove Colombia.I lived in Cali and Bogota but traveled all over and took into all the landscrapes,love the country side,the finas,farms,cattle.when I was young beginging at twelve years of age,my adoptive mother would
54 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Seeking: Female 21 - 45
48 Lafayette, Louisiana, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 41



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