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53 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 46
Marital Status: Separated
Please don't ask me for money, or buy you anything, or pay any of your bills. When I find the woman who wants to be with me, and I want to be with her, I will spoil her. I have been divorced 4, yes 4 times, and all 4 cheated on me. I've been too trusting with people, but that hasn't worked out very good for me, so now know that I most make sure that the trust between a woman and I, must be earned. I know that works both ways. I have 4 children. 2 with first, and 2 with 2nd wives. All of my children are grown, and of loving their own life's now. My last wife is from Vietnam, and unfortunately I didn't know before I married her, that her true intentions were to use me for money and a green card. When she would go back to visit Vietnam, she was getting money and having sex with other men. So, I am very cautious about anyone asking for money for any reason. Maybe that's too much information at first, but I'm very honest, and I believe that when looking for someone to sure the rest of my life with, there should be no secrets. I'm certainly not a perfect person, but I'll be honest about everything, good and bad. I expect the same in return. I'm not a religious man, but I'm a good man with a good heart, and I love to spoil the people who I love. I grew up with 3 sisters, and amazing parents who taught us to always respect, and not judge others. I am still very close to my family, and see them often. I don't work out regularly, so I'm not a hard body, but I'm also not fat. I'd say that I'm average for my height. I enjoy camping, reading, movies, working with my hands, and occasional travel. I am retired now. Before retiring, I was in the military, and after the military, I was a computer programmer. I live in the state of Colorado, and it is at least 1000 miles away from any beaches, but we do have lots of tall mountains. It snows in the winter, and it gets hot in the summer, but the air here is very dry. In person, I am a bit quiet and shy. I do love to laugh, and joke a lot. I believe that laughter is important for our health. Everyone sounds have at least one photo of themselves smiling on their profile. I don't cook, but I keep the house pretty clean, and my clothes clean. I don't mind doing chores, and I don't expect anyone to do them for me. Being clean is very important to me. I don't do well with stinky or dirty things. I'm looking for a best friend and companion to grow old with. I love to laugh, I hate liars!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to ask me anything, good or bad, but also feel free to tell me anything, good or bad
57 Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 45
Marital Status: Separated
Hello, I am a European man highly educated not only by the colleges and jobs that I have had, but mostly for life itself. I speak 4 languages, my work and life has led me to live in multiple places in the world, and now I've been 10 years in the USA. Make no mistake, I am tremendously simple, I am of those people convinced that one can learn things from every person who cross your path. I will try to use what they say about me those closest to me. I am an intelligent person, very passionate about I do, reserved and discreet but nothing shy. Tremendously affectionate. Flexible mentality, tolerant of differences and diversity of cultures and beliefs. I am loyal by nature, man from a single woman. My way of dealing with the relations make it impossible to consider even thinking about someone else when I am with the ideal person... and if I catch myself thinking of someone else, that means that it is time to leave roads. It is easier to amaze me in a conversation with a lady at a football stadium (i Hate football and mass sports) I like scuba diving, fishing, swimming, 3 km daily, I keep in shape, I don't have bad habits, I love cooking, reading, listening to music (almost all day) and above all to travel. I am a sailor in the soul and I would rather spend my vacation sailing in a boat that not a hotel bored by many swimming pools and luxuries that you may have. I am not a lone wolf, but i love my privacy and share it with the ideal person. If you ask me about the quote ideal, would say to you while you're with an ideal person, all quotes are memorable. It is difficult to describe myself without finishing writing a book, not because I believe important, but simply because I have been fortunate to have a very full life. My ambitions are already for a long time more spiritual, human, personal, intellectual, and many other types, but renounce the materialistic ambitions, I have seen very closely as the diner rotted part of my family and friends. I am fortunate to have a tremendous career and be prepared to earn a good living professionally in any place in the world, but the excitement and passion for my work always have priority over the money. (I am involved in marketing, sales and business development) My resume is in LinkedIn and if we engaged in conversation and there is mutual interest, then you will have access to my professional background. There is no deception. Money is a secondary factor, I prefer to earn less in a pleasant place with the ideal person, better than earning a good salary in an inhospitable place. Obviously I live in the US and necessarily we have to start to get to know each other at a distance. If there is mutual attraction I have no objection to fly to Colombia to meet you. Then... what we decide, this is where when and how. Clarification: I'm not religious. I am a spiritual, I believe in God and I am respectful with religions. Once until you can see me attend a mass, but until there arrives. He indicated that occasionally smoked. Well, this is such that occasionally. I don't have a habit. Once in a while i was awarded the license to smoke i like once in a while I took a glass of wine when the occasion lends itself to this, this does not mean that it is a drinker. I have a very healthy life style in terms of sport, power and peace of mind. It may well obviate in profile, those two cigarettes a week and these 2 glasses of wine, but in a way it would not be reflecting the truth. The best vaccine against the disappointment is: a few expectations established with total transparency.



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