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41 Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Seeking: Female 32 - 41
Hair color: Brown
Passionate about so many things. Yo hablo espanol. Love to Salsa. My retirement plan is to open a small hotel in the next 5 years or at least buy the land and plan the build from there. It could be anywhere. Im all about delegating authority and not be a slave to the business. Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to live. Search images..unreal. Lets hang out here 10 years, let real estate double, sell everything and go anywhere, do anything. I am humble, self aware, and loyal to those that are loyal to me. Your eyes say everything before you speak. I do not believe in a god. I believe theology does not own morality. My thoughts lean towards we are the universe experiencing itself. I will support your beliefs and protect them. My bar is set so high that I cannot reach it. Together we will rip it down and recycle it into something artistic..lol. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and this could be the case at any moment..lol. If you have children, I will take them as my own. Coaching and developing them if they desire. I am sure they will coach and develop me as well. Often the teacher becomes the student. All in good time. We could adopt if you want as there are many children in the world who want to be loved. Natural hot springs are my very favorite places to meditate. Feeling the Earth's warmth cooking me like a lobster makes me feel more human than ever. I really enjoy 4x4 trips to Gold Boom Ghost towns and anything mysterious, creepy, or historic. Throwing pieces of me out there again. Baby steps of course, all in good timing. My heart was shattered early this year. Now I am healing and ready to move on. Ready to loose myself in your unbelievable eyes. blah blah I'm sure but its true... Meditation sunrise or sunset every other day is out there. If you were to plan and prepare meals, I will make sure it is 100% clean before bed each and every night without fail. I am single this year after 10 years I committed my entire self and she did not. I enjoy when a strong woman lays out exactly what she wants and what makes her happiest. Let's do it! Thats HoT! Well that is me in a box. I do live outside the box as well...lol
45 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 23 - 40
Hair color: Brown
***I just turned 49 and really did not have a lot in common with women over 60 years old*** Been in a relationship with minimal affection or appreciation for a long time. Looking for an affectionate, loving and compassionate partner to share a fun and exciting future. Finalizing my divorce and moving on, a long time coming. I told a friend I was going to try online dating, and he told me I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn! I would rather write a white paper about the mating rituals of blue whales than write about myself. One must be willing to share personal information that requires a certain level of vulnerability to convey what moves them and who they are in a way that is meaningful and not cliche'. I am a devoted father of 15 1/2 year old boy/girl twins that live with me 50% of the time. They are everything to me, yet they are extremely independent! My desire is to be with someone who understands that life isn't perfect; passion ebbs and flows; intimacy isn't just about sex; physical chemistry and desire is required; it's not about things; treating each other with respect is not an option. I am looking for someone who can laugh at themself as I laugh at myself when warranted. Laughing is essential and if you take yourself too seriously, I am not the one for you. I am a very physical and sensual person. Some might say, very touchy feely. Again, a must in a true relationship! PDA is ok by me! I have a love/hate relationship with technology, because words can only take you so far. Interaction between 2 people is the only way to know if there is chemistry and something worth pursuing I am in real estate and also invest! I love what I do and I am not looking to be someone's sugar daddy. That being said, I am extremely generous and take care of my partner! My feelings about distance is simple. If a relationship is broken, two people can be in the same room and the distance between them can far exceed the miles between east and west. If a relationship gets to this point, what's the difference? Long distance relationships are not ideal and add a level of complexity to the Kabuki dance of dating. If I can hear my heartbeat every time I think of you, distance is irrelevant. My friends would describe me as one of the funniest people they know; a man who is open, curious, and craves mutual affection. I like to get to know people quickly and may ask a lot of personal questions, but I figure the sooner we get to know each other, the sooner we can advance our relationship. Not looking to get married ASAP, but wouldn't mind finding my soulmate! Simply put, I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and a big smile overtakes you! About you: You should be open to sharing emotionally and physically and have a sense of humor that includes the ability to laugh at yourself. You must like children, senior citizens, and be kind to animals. I love cooking, not a great cleaner, but contributes equally! A few things about me: Chess not Checkers; Coffee not Tea; Bourbon not Scotch; Red not White; Discussions not Arguments; Silly not Sassy; Witty not Stupid; Confident not Pretentious; Quality not Quantity; Expressive not Dramatic; Humility not Hubris; Considerate not Selfish; Complex not Complicated; No Picture, No Response... Sometimes uses four letter words but can mind my P's and Q's.



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