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30 Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 27 - 59
Apariencia: Muy atractivo/a
SOY UNA MUJER TRANSEXUAL - I AM A TRANSSEXUAL WOMAN. ANTES DE ENVIARME UN MENSAJE LEA CUIDADOSAMENTE EL PERFIL/BEFORE SENDING ME A MESSAGE PLEASE READ CAREFULL THE PROFILE. Tengo 23 años, no la edad que ahí ponen, vivo en Medellín, Colombia y actualmente me dedico a estudiar, mi estilo de vida es relajado, me gusta estar en entornos naturales y conocer lugares agradables, en mi tiempo libre me gusta nadar, acampar, patinar, ver series, documentales, películas, me gusta ku ho el terror y laa investigaciones policiacas, a veces mw gusta pasar tiempo con amigos o a veces con familia así como aveces prefiero está sola, me gusta meditar. Soy una persona muy directa, me gusta hablar claro y que me hablen claro, soy muy divertida y me gustan las compras, me gusta la ropa escotada y las joyas y la lencería, puedo dar mucho placer y felicidad. Me gusta la música electrónica y algunos de sus subgéneros, escucho mucha música en inglés como el pop, trap, hip-hop, R&b, indie,... hablo inglés ya que hice algunos cursos y ahora en la universidad lo estoy mejorando. Si no tienes tabúes en tu cabeza puedes hablarme pero si solo tienes preguntas tontas sobre lo que pueda o no tener entre mia piernas solo desaparece, soy muy educada pero también grosera cuando debo serlo con personas irrespetuosas./ Siento mucha empatía por los animales, perros y gatos, soy voluntaria en una fundación dónde ayudan los perros y gatos víctimas de maltrato y abandono y también los que sobreviven en las calles. I am 23 years old, not the age they say there, I live in Medellín, Colombia and currently I dedicate myself to studying, my lifestyle is relaxed, I really like being in natural environments and seeing nice places, in my free time I like to swim, camping, skating, watching series, documentaries, movies, I like ku ho terror and police investigations, sometimes I like spending time with friends or sometimes with family as well as sometimes I prefer to be alone, I like to meditate. I am a very direct person, I like to speak clearly and to be spoken to clearly, I am very funny and I like shopping, I like low-cut clothes and jewelry and lingerie, I can give a lot of pleasure and happiness. I like electronic music and some of its sub-genres, I listen to a lot of music in English such as pop, trap, hip-hop, R & b, indie, ... I speak English since I did some courses and now in university I am improving it. If you do not have taboos in your head you can talk to me but if you only have silly questions about what I can or cannot have between my legs it just disappears, I am very polite but also rude when I have to be with disrespectful people. I feel a lot of empathy for animals, dogs and cats, I am a volunteer in a foundation where dogs and cats who are victims of abuse and abandonment and also those who survive on the streets help.
25 Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 28 - 50
Apariencia: Muy atractivo/a
28 Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 40 - 50
Apariencia: Muy atractivo/a
I speak the five love languages, but my preferred quality of time. What's yours? I am a romantic, cheesy inveterate. ❤️ I think communication and empathy solves everything, if that's not enough go find a rifle lol. I love heights, I am very spiritual, I like to be in connection with my environment and the universe, I like to hug trees and walk barefoot, I like scented candles, I like to read, I like to read and write, I love movies in all your presentations, I am very curious, I want to find an explanation for everyone, my right hemisphere is very developed, that means that I have the gift of creativity, I really like to talk, I love to travel, I love to talk to people in the street, I think in beautiful love Because of my way of being, I don't like to give myself half or little, even if that includes hurting myself, but what does it matter? I like to dance, I want to go to the Dominican Republic and dance the merengue all night until my feet hurt, I don't drink alcohol, I've never drunk, I don't want to either, but that doesn't stop me from joining you for a glass of wine while I talk about alien conspiracies. I hate rude people with words, violent people, love and peace can do everything. ❌ I have no sense of direction Lol, I'm clueless, sometimes reckless, my laugh is very loud (I'm trying to manage that in public places, so I don't get kicked out). When I'm angry, I speak very loud and very fast. I like darkness and silence, I am happy with all the lights off all night.❤️