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28 Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 40 - 47
Signo zodiacal: Virgo
I speak the five love languages, but my preferred quality of time. What's yours? I am a romantic, cheesy inveterate. ❤️ I think communication and empathy solves everything, if that's not enough go find a rifle lol. I love heights, I am very spiritual, I like to be in connection with my environment and the universe, I like to hug trees and walk barefoot, I like scented candles, I like to read, I like to read and write, I love movies in all your presentations, I am very curious, I want to find an explanation for everyone, my right hemisphere is very developed, that means that I have the gift of creativity, I really like to talk, I love to travel, I love to talk to people in the street, I think in beautiful love Because of my way of being, I don't like to give myself half or little, even if that includes hurting myself, but what does it matter? I like to dance, I want to go to the Dominican Republic and dance the merengue all night until my feet hurt, I don't drink alcohol, I've never drunk, I don't want to either, but that doesn't stop me from joining you for a glass of wine while I talk about alien conspiracies. I hate rude people with words, violent people, love and peace can do everything. ❌ I have no sense of direction Lol, I'm clueless, sometimes reckless, my laugh is very loud (I'm trying to manage that in public places, so I don't get kicked out). When I'm angry, I speak very loud and very fast. I like darkness and silence, I am happy with all the lights off all night.❤️
silvana patricia
42 Sabanalarga, Atlántico, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 29 - 45
Signo zodiacal: Virgo
66 Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 65 - 82
Signo zodiacal: Virgo
I am OMAYRA I am looking for honesty, a positive attitude towards life, a man who reads with intelligence, and a good HEART, for a good dialogue and to assume the challenge of communicating with me through WhatsApp, write I am plus five seven honest, three zero one responsible seven one eight and capable of committing myself, with five zero and if you like to share four zero, I am looking for a man of integrity and who adds dreams and ideals with a common horizon, that if we have to build a company, let's do it, I am looking for a decent man, of principles and values, generous, understanding, who likes intelligent, affectionate, thoughtful dialogue and excellent and respectful treatment with women, I hope it's you, it would make me happy to walk the path of light and life in good times, and in bad times supporting us , always ready with a positive attitude. ::::::::::::::::::::::: Soy OMAYRA busco honestidad,actitud positiva ante la vida, un hombre que lea con inteligencia, y buen CORAZON, para un buen dialogo y asumir por WhatsApp el reto de comunicarte conmigo , escribe soy mas cinco siete honesto, tres cero uno responsable siete uno ocho y capaz de comprometerme, con cinco cero y si gusta que comparta cuatro cero, busco un hombre íntegro y que sume sueños e ideales con un horizonte común, que si hay que construir una empresa hagámoslo, busco un hombre decente, de principios y valores, generoso, comprensivo, que le guste el diálogo inteligente, cariñoso, reflexivo y el trato excelente y respetuoso con las mujeres, Espero que seas tú, me haría feliz caminar el camino de la luz y la vida en las buenas, y en las malas apoyándonos, siempre dispuestos con una actitud positiva.