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46 Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia
Buscando: Hombre 47 - 55
Contextura Física: Normal
Woman who loves God, intelligent, communicative, spiritual, serious, responsible, simple, kind, affectionate, helpful, practical, hard-working, honest, sincere. I like to talk, I believe that communication, love and respect, is what is important in a relationship, and I like that the relationship is of two, both must work on the relationship. Conversations are too important for me when it comes to getting to know each other, since it is about the future of each one, this for me is serious and you have to spend quality time. If there is something you should know about me, it is that I DO NOT LIKE lies, I AM NOT a great lover of social life, I prefer privacy and tranquility when sharing time as a couple, if you live by appearances and you are too interested in what they will say I don't fit in there. I like animals, I love children and I get along very well with them. The sea is my favorite place, I also enjoy nature and the beautiful landscapes of my beautiful Colombia, I like to do karaoke, I like Christian music, some romantic vallenatos, romantic ballads. I like all kinds of food, but I prefer healthy food. I like going to the movies, movies (sci-fi, comedy), watching documentaries, reading, I have read the whole bible, I like shopping, volunteering, I am a compassionate person and I like to help and serve people in need. I'm not bitter, I like good humor, ...when you have to treat seriously, I don't like bad jokes. I try my best to avoid interacting with bitter, rude, unfair, irresponsible people, but when there is no choice, I am very cautious. Being a very sincere person as well as I say the good things, now I say the not so good, sometimes I am a bit messy, not all the time things are in their place, but I choose a day to put order, I need a little more discipline to manage my time, but when I want to achieve something that I really like, I am very passionate and persevering until I achieve it. Sometimes I am very fast when I speak, too expressive and spontaneous, many people are bothered by that and it is misunderstood, I am working on mastering that area, I am also very critical and analytical, that is why sometimes I am very suspicious when there is something that does not fit , when this happens, I am going to ask about the subject, I hope you don't get upset and I expect your honesty, when I don't like something, you will know it, it bothers me that a person does NOT express what he wants and pretends that one is a fortuneteller, for that there is communication. If you have read everything and I YOU still very interested in ME, I recommend that you read what I look for in my partner to see if you are that person that I am interested in meeting.