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67 Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 36 - 69
如果我不回答,我可能没有钱,所以没有学分! My marriage ended when my wife DIED Hello, My real name is Graham Elliott, I have a severe disability, I am limited to about 50 to 75 feet walking. I am also in PAIN 24 hours a day. I live on a very limited disability pension, after all, bills are paid, I have around $100. to do everything else. I am a big man, 5’9” , 310 Lbs. I am looking for a long-term relationship, Lifetime, I am not here for games, I do not hit women, Ever. I don’t cheat, I don’t lie. I have been alone for 20 years, ever since my wife died. I feel it is time to search for the last love of my life, I am looking for an HONEST, TRUTHFUL, FAITHFULL, INTELLIGENT, and Caring woman. I get many emails a day, and what makes me upset, is they “say” they read my profile, then ask if I want to go on long hikes, or they ask what my job is. Please, please read the whole profile, don’t insult me. I don’t have much to bring to a relationship, Just me and a limitless amount of love, I have a large caring heart, and when I find the one, I will give all. dge@dr.com W/C wxid_7dqr2qndfw7822 如果我不回答,我可能没有钱,所以没有学分! 我的婚姻在我妻子去世时结束了 你好,我的真名是Graham Elliott,我有严重的残疾,我被限制在大约50到75英尺的步行范围内。 我一天24小时也在痛苦中。 我生活在一个非常有限的残疾养老金,毕竟,账单支付,我有大约$100。 做其他的事。 我是一个大男人,5'9",310磅。 我正在寻找一个长期的关系,一生,我不是来这里玩游戏,我不打女人,永远。 我不作弊,我不撒谎。 自从我妻子去世以来,我已经独自一人20年了。 我觉得是时候去寻找我生命中最后的爱了,我在寻找一个诚实、诚实、忠诚、聪明、有爱心的女人。 我每天收到很多电子邮件,是什么让我心烦意乱,是他们"说"他们阅读了我的个人资料,然后问我是否想去长途远足,或者他们问我的工作是什么。 请,请阅读整个简介,不要侮辱我。 我没有太多的关系,只有我和无限量的爱,我有一个大的爱心,当我找到一个,我会付出一切。 
49 Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 41