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38 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Male 30 - 48
B‎eing in a Jeep on the treacherous and beautiful Himalayan Roads; the route is rated second most dangerous roadway in the world (after Road of Death in Bolivia). Spotted with remnants of overturned cars, the rocky thin winding roads carried the Jeep I shared with five others, up, towards Little Tibet. ‎ Dodging too many oil trucks around too many bends made terror turn comfortable. Not a coping comfort from too much exposure. But sheer resolve to get through each increasing hazard. Nothing could have prepared me for the Game of Chicken. No prim and proper lines to follow as lanes. Why not drive straight at each other at untenable speeds and see who wins. Oil tanker winner got the inside lane hugging the mountain. The Jeep had to scrape by. The tires barely caught the edge of the road with the overhanging cliff, and countless toppled eco-jetsetters below. What gets me going are unique experiences anywhere in the world and the simple good things in the everyday. The insane drive was worth it to trek the Himalayas for eight days and see creatures I had never seen before, with some wonderful people. Creative and communicative, loyal, persuasive, passionate about what's important to me. Intrigued more by innovations like solar power than the internet of things but both of course have merits. My pictures tell what I like to get up to, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, adventures in the mountains, dinners with friends and family, and learning new things. Looking forward to hearing about what gets you going.
38 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Male 32 - 46
I am very feminine woman and I want an amazing protective good heart man like a lion that he is caring . I am an old value woman and very old fashion when is come to dating . I don’t drink so much like Aussie or American . I am very classy woman that love to dress up with nice high heel and feel amazing when she walk with his man . I have been looking for a place where I can find true love. I did not believe that such sites work, but my friend found happiness here. I decided to try this online dating too. I came here with an open heart and soul, I am very active and lovingly. I miss the male affection and I want to get it right now! I only want a real meeting. I'm not interested in virtual friendship. About myself I am romantic girl and I dream about love. I am an angel,but my wings are in laundry and my nimb run out of batteries. Once I was sitting on the couch under the warm blanket, near the fireplace listening to relaxing music with the glass of hot glintvein in my hand and thinking about a man I'm looking for. I thought that he should be handsome, reliable, honest, romantic like a prince on the white horse. But all of that was wrong. And only now I understand that the man of my life should be mine and only mine.....And I am sure this popular dating site will help me to find my Love! So now about my Hobbies love animal I love have A chow chow dog . I am a certified life coach and I empower women I have instegram: Freyacoaching and you can check my websites Freyacoaching . I go lots of personal development seminar and I spent More than 1000000 for that and I love to developing my self . I like Mind body and spirit connection . And I want a man want to growth like me . I study media 2 times a week and also I have a master in event Managemt . I like to wake up at 6 am to bath and meditate. I like to look at the stars and try to make patterns, or to look at the clouds and try to make figures. I like spending time sitting under a tree and listen to birds and spiritual things. It is great to have a book with me at that time. I adore smiling at strangers. Just smile and watch their reactions. I think, there is somebody in the crowd, who need my smile. It is not just a hobby, but I like to visit an orphanage and play with kids there. And again to know more and More About Me: To describe myself I decided to compare myself with an animal. I know it will sound awkward, but I want to compare myself to a wolf. There are many false stereotypes, misconceptions and misunderstandings with describing wolves. Wolf is a creature with a high sense of loyalty and strength. He is actually a social creature, friendly, and gregarious with its counterparts. I can tell that he is an incredible communicator by using touch, body movements, eye contact, and voice. So if you want to know more about me, learn more about wolves. Ok now I like to tell me what I really looking . I am mature and know what exactly I want . I want masculine man that he want me go to my feminine power . I want a man that he trust me at a start and don’t Cary his hurt from the past and ready to write a new story full of love and joy and passion. I know relationship is a bout giving and I want give my love to him . For me ideal relationship means : Sometime ago I made a list what man I would like to find. So here is it, I want my man to be affectionate both physically and mentally, intelligent, kind, loyal, and honest with good principles, who makes me feel very comfortable. If he has a respectable profession
26 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 18 - 39
I am a sweet, loving girl that is unable to think on her own, who's looking for a male to give meaning to her life, it doesn’t matter if you are hairy, fat (or too thin) and the only thing you do for your appearance is take a daily shower (men don’t need to do anything more), the uglier the better, as I am a woman I am practically blind, so I really don’t mind about how you look, looks are only important to men, therefore I am staying fit and beautiful for your man eyes (until I’m about 39 when I’ll be physically worthless and you may dispose of me). I will always be by your side and do anything you ask me to, my master. As a woman I have no decision skills (sorry! can't help it, it's nature), so I would have to ask you to decide for me on any kind of situation. Also, I will happily stay home while you go out to work as the strong, important, intelligent guy you are, you are free to call me on fridays and tell me you are having trouble at work and need to stay longer while you go out with some ho, please, keep it like that as I love lies and being kept away from the truth. I am willing to have from 10 to 15 children (if you want more, you just say it), I will take care of them all as I can’t be good at anything else besides motherhood, if I have no children I am worthless. I will also clean all your sh1t, your shoes, your underwear, your house, you won’t ever have to do any cleaning for me (or our kids), you are a MAN, you shall be sloppy and disgusting, otherwise I wouldn't consider you manly enough for me (not that my thoughts matter at all, but I know how bad you wanna be a macho all the time so you will agree with me on this). I am unable to play, watch or like sports, as that is your role as a man. I also don’t drink beer like you, because it’s not sweet enough for my womanly palate and it will make me fat. I can only think of two things: 1) pleasing you 2) not getting fat. So please, understand me. I only eat salad and water. I never burp, never fart, never curse (I am subhuman), though YOU, my man, are welcome to do all of these anytime (all your male friends, too), I will giggle! I am practically a doll. I have no soul. --------- If you loved the above and thought “Gee, I’ve just found the perfect woman, I’m marrying her”, sorry, it was all BS and I am the complete opposite to that. So there you have it, "A little bit about myself" in reverse, cause the normal and regular stuff bore me to death. Did you like it? Wait, I don’t care. Some important messages from the real me to you: 1-I am a feminist. Don't speak to me if you're not, and don't attempt to have a conversation with me if you have an average intelligence or social status, I will not be interested. 2-Don't message me to ask for my NUMBER!! If I wanted anyone to have it, I would just post it online and wouldn't bother to register at a site like this (that actually happens to have a working chat system!) My number is private, WhatsApp is too invasive, no, I don't want hundreds of people speaking to me directly on my phone, I have a life, I need my time. So, if you are truly interested you will be patient and wait for me to have free time to login to the site and read your messages. If you are "too busy to enter the site" it's ok, you won't have time for me either so there's nothing to do about us. Go work, or whatever keeps you SO busy, Mr. president. 3-If my profile happens to be “too long for you to read”, then I wonder what happens when you have a book in your hands, or even the newspaper, I bet your brain might explode. So, stay away from literature, and my message box, thank you. PS: I am far from being a rude person, I am decent, compassionate and kind but I also happen to be utterly straightforward and painfully honest (you can start crying now, but be sure no one sees you as they may think you’re becoming a woman, and that’s the worst insult anyone can get).
25 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
Please read all my profile before message me. FIRST OF ALL: *IF YOU DO'T HAVE A PREMIUM ACCOUNT DO'T MESSAGE, I'LL NOT SEE YOUR MESSAGE BECAUS I DO'T AND I WON'T PAY FOR THIS PROFILE; I THINK MOST OF YOU KNOW THAT "FREE PROFILES" CAN'T READ MESSAGES BETWEEN THEM* SO I'LL BE A WAIST OF TIME. -I won't send you naked pics or something like that, I don't have my phone full of selfies waiting for you if you wanna see photos of me follow me on Instagram ;) -If you are the "I'm busy talk to you soon" type PLEASE don't message me that means that if you don't have the time to show yourself you'll not have the time to go out or even go for drinks without looking at your phone every second 🙄 that's disrespectful. I hate it! -Long talks that are just the basic: Hello, how are you, every day without saying anything new are not my favorite. Now... If you got here you probably think: This girl is crazy, who believes to send me but I sincerely believe that filling out a whole form about your life will not make the other person who reads it know you better; personally i like and prefer the company body by body, you know? Going out to take/eat something and meet us, I like the contact and hate the endless chats but if I find the interesting person I can spend hours (obviously there are exceptions) if you have time and are near, know them ;) ;). I am from Cali,Colombia- I am 24 years old I consider myself a funny, quiet but explosive woman, I love strong emotions and explore new paths with a good company, I enjoy singing and dancing, i am one of the people who talk to animals 💗 used to model but now i am focused on a different future. I am a Simpsons fan and also Minions deans. Affectionate, kind, honest, sincere, positive and a few more virtues as I am also of strong character, terca, sometimes very serious jajaja it is quite rare to write these things but I hope they can know me better There is really much to say and do. English speaker. Meditation Netflix and chill 👏 I don't have a boyfriend... No kids (maybe in the future) Loves to travel and try new things at least once Loves to go for a walk 420 friendly (yes I can live without it) No, I don't do drugs I love beer 😁 I like to enjoy live in a responsible and secure way (But I don't mind take risks 😉) Message if you still are interested 🤭 I don't have Facebook, just use instag.. Salvatore_mmar



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