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32 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 29 - 48
Appearance: Average
I am a believing woman and fearful of God, strong, independent, the complaint is not good always have to put the good side to things, I am a woman of challenges and projects that I fulfill step by step without eagerness but with a lot of wisdom to achieve the objectives, i love growing as a person, at a professional business level, i think that everything is possible if you have discipline and perseverance, the kindness and honesty instilled is a virtue for me, traveling is my passion, meet villages, connect with nature I think that in those little things there is the magic of thanking the universe for its wonders. the physicist is important in terms of good personal presentation, but the inner part of a human being is more valuable, i believe in love at first sight but i also believe that everything is a step by step, where you should give way to know each other, share and connect, i love people who dream even without having how to fulfill them because they become visionary and declare it and end up fulfilling the i am of strong character depending on the situation but laughs first of all , despite any situation you always have to put the good side to everything smile to advance even with broken heart, because from the worst experience is learning and you must see how something that is part of life, sharing and not being selfish is my passion without expecting anything in return, even if I have nothing if I can serve to give and help I will do it while I am within my reach finally without fear if we fall because we return. To get up you can always 💜
52 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
Appearance: Average
37 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 35 - 45
Appearance: Average
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30) This is in short what I'm looking for: To be a good woman in the eyes of the Lord. 🙏 It's been a process. I've got so much to learn and improve, and I hope we can make a good team in order to grow and enjoy life together. So, please, if you're not Christian or not interested, don't mind contacting me. In other words, and I hope you don't find this offensive, but some differences are irreconcilable. I'm not interested in Buddhism, 'new eraism', Islam and so on. I DO RESPECT EVERYONE'S BELIEFS! Hope you respect mine as well 🤝. \N Additionally, if you are a rude and/or aggressive person, don't even text me. I'm tired of foolish wasting my time. Please. If you're not mature enough to control your words and behaviors, again, don't waste people's time. We are ADULTS and not meant to be in childish discussions! \N Spanish: If you are not a Christian or are not interested in the subject. Let us not waste time. Additionally, if he is a rude and a lick who does not know how to control his words and actions, do not waste my time. Follow your way. We are adults to know how to communicate with RESPECT. There are some fools who do not know how to control themselves and it bothers me. \N *update*👇 if you don't describe yourself and what you're looking for in the description or the message, how on earth do you expect me to pay attention to it?? Please, friends, a bit of common sense 🤯! Also, if there's only one picture, do you honestly think I'd take it seriously? \N (ENG: If your profile only has one photo or two, I'm not interested. If your profile has no description, either. Unless, in your message tell me who you are and what you are looking for). UPDATE: Recently I've received some messages saying: \"oh, you have lots of requirements\". Really??? If being straightforward and clear from the very beginning sounds like a lot of requirements to you, plz don't message me. It's not about requirements, it's about having an idea who you're talking to. \N Please bear in mind that I want by no means to be rude or impolite. I'm just being honest and straightforward so BOTH OF us don't WASTE time and energy. \N ** 🙏 and please (I know I might sound monotonous, but it's true) don't message me saying you don't like my profile or that I should say this or that. I'm not asking for your opinion. If you don't like my way of thinking and perceiving things, go ahead and continue your search but DOn't drain my energy reading your empty messages. \N **Lately I've received messages from people 20+ years older than me. And, yes, I did had daddy issues a while ago (since I had an absent father), but not any more, praise God 🙏 so, please understand that I do CONSIDER AGE GAPS. \N Some facts about me: 1 . I don't have kids* and I'd love to know someone in equal conditions. *Some ask me if I want to be a mom... First, I really want to be a good wife. We'll see then... 2 . I'm 1.78m tall and I prefer dating workshop guys. Sorry, but, although I don't prioritize physical appearance, height matters to me. \N 2.(ENG) Mido 1.78m And I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE GOING OUT with men shorter than me. Nothing personal! 3. 'M Christian. Bible-centered. I'm not perfect at all. But I daily acknowledge my need of the Good Shepherd, the Bread of life, my Savior, etc. I want to HIGHLIGHT this point because it influences my habits (ie prayer and Bible reading, church going); THEREFORE, if you're NOT Christian it won't work (believe me 🙏). So, again, let's save TIME and ENERGY. 4. Former theater Actress. I loved acting and dreamed of being the best actress in the world hehe, but, well, not only I obviously didn't make it 😅💔 but, didn't like the industry and its dynamics. However, I'd love to work for a Christian film industry if possible. 4. Since I was in my mother's womb 🤗 I love physical activity and sports. I played tennis daily for 8 years and currently do physical activity daily (cycling, running, swimming). At the beginning of 2014 I was invited to ride a bike and since then I love to ride a bike. I really enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures and stories. \N🎾Update: I'm playing tennis again!!! Every day!!! 💚🎾 Update: Due to a sprained ankle 🥺 I'm playing volleyball and doing lots of workouts at home 🏋🏻‍♀️ praiseGod for healthy habits. \N Update: Sprained ankle a few days ago 😭 no tennis for a while. \N in short, I'd like to meet my life partner and be his helper :) and have a godly love story. \N **Bible-centered and Christ-centered** ; communion with God is a PRIORITY in my life. Now I'm looking for projects to undertake, travel the world (if possible), but ESPECIALLY do God's will 🙏 I'm currently looking for new projects (farming, eco building, tourism, traveling, and so on), but above all I wanna do is God's Will. \N ps:I don't know why it says WORKSHOP! It should say workshop* than me. There's something wrong with the page. i work as a language teacher. And although it's not my professional passion, I enjoy serving others, and pedagogy has its good moments. Last but not least, you might think I'm a tough woman, and I might look like one, cuz I'm tall and athletic, but those who know me can tell you I like to be super tender, funny and loving. And, yes! I do talk to my stuffed animals 🤭... 🐶🐑🐰🐼🐢and they talk to me as well 😁 Now that you know a bit about myself, and perhaps you think that we'd write a love story together (along with God), go ahead and tell me a bit of yourself 🤗... Yes, I speak both English and Spanish.
49 Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 57
Appearance: Average
Hola :-) Espero poder conocer muchas personas en esta pagina y hacer nuevos amigos! Indudablemente, también espero encontrar a una persona con un corazón bueno, honesto y muy amoroso! Me considero una persona responsable, respetuosa en todo el sentido de la palabra, de mente positiva, con metas y sueños por cumplir, amante de los animales. Me encanta conocer gente de otras culturas, aprender de ellos y de esta forma enriquecerme como persona. Aunque amo mi cultura y me siento increíblemente orgullosa de mis raíces, he llegado a la conclusión que emocionalmente tengo mas afinidad con personas de otras culturas que con personas que pertenecen a mi cultura. Pero esto no quiere decir que no quiera conocer personas Latinas, por supuesto que sí, todos los mensajes serán bienvenidos. Me gusta ir al cine, leer libros sobre salud y medicina, aprender nuevas recetas de cocina, y hacer parte de programas de voluntariado dirigidos a niños particularmente. Ah...me encanta el idioma Inglés, he estado aprendiendo este idioma desde mi época como universitaria, disfruto mucho las oportunidades que se me presentan para seguir aprendiéndolo. Gracias por leer y espero que no se hayan dormido :-) !! I describe myself as a genuine person who firmly believes that honesty and respect for others are two essential keys to successful relationships. I would very much like to meet new people on this site. I think this may be another good way to find "that someone special". I am not looking for "the perfect person" but just someone who is honest, respectful, caring, loving...and most of all..someone who loves life as much as I do. I love making handicrafts and volunteering particularly when children and animals are involved. Listening to music and going out with friends are definitely the best ways for me to relax. I am a family oriented person and always try to treasure every single moment I spend with my loved ones.
39 Armenia, Quindío, Colombia
Seeking: Male 32 - 50
Appearance: Average
💙I am a person who struggles to live since my childhood. I grew up without parents and after waiting the streets and corner of the garbage at 8 years of age I started working. Always fight to get over me and be someone in life. I worked during the day, studied at night and thus managed to move my life forward. Today I am professional and independent. For my experiences I know how to value the people who are really worth it. And I can overcome any obstacle in life. I chose a man older than me. My limit is 55 years in a man. I think the experience gives much more value to my eyes. I write and read English but I don't speak fluently. But I think that when there is interest there are no barriers I am not a superficial person I like real people and have a good philosophy of life. I don't like minds empty or full of harm. I am a poet and I am currently writing a book, apart from my professions that are: Comprehensive professional stylist. Beautician Social worker Gourmet chef Among other. My children are my life, and I know my responsibilities. So I'm not looking for who gives my obligations. I long to grow old next to someone who values ​​me for who I am. 💙I am a person I have struggled to live since my childhood. I grew up without parents and after wandering the streets and eating from the garbage at 8 years old I started working. I always fought to overcome myself and be someone in life. I worked by day I studied at night and so I managed to get my life ahead. Today I am professional and independent. For my experiences I can appreciate the people who really are worth. And I can overcome any obstacle in life. I choose a man older than me. My limit is 55 years in a man. I think the experience gives it much more value in my eyes. I write and read English but I do not speak fluently. But I think that when there is interest there are no barriers I am not a superficial person I like real people and have a good philosophy of life. I do not like empty or damaged minds. I am a poet and currently write a book, apart from my professions which are: Integral professional stylist. Esthetician Social worker Gourmet chef among others. My children are my life, and I know my responsibilities. So I don’t look for someone to grant my obligations. I long to grow old next to someone who values me for who I am.💙