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51 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
Have children: No
39 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 40 - 47
Have children: No
Sorry, I am only interested on people that live in Colombia. I DO NOT believe on long distance relationships. Please don’t waste your 🙏 100% I AM NOT GOING TO REPLY If you don’t live in Colombia or are not between 40-50 years old. Hola, si vives en Colombia, preferiblemente cerca a cali, y tienes entre 40 y 49 años de edad, leíste todo mi perfil y aún estas interesado en conocerme. Es un placer 😊 yo soy muy honesta y directa, y se muy bien lo que quiero.... DEFINITIVAMENTE no creo en relaciones de larga distancia. No me gustan los hombres mayores de 50 o menores de 40! soy alérgica a los mentirosos, mujeriegos y los que fumen; No me interesa una amistad con un hombre casado 🙏 Soy soltera, alegre, positiva, muy sencilla, integra, cariñosa, honesta, trabajadora, con los pies bien en la tierra y muy directa. Me gusta hacer ejercicio todas las mañanas, viajar, explorar, leer, aprender, y progresar. Tambien disfruto salir a bailar, andar en mi moto y pasear por el Mar. Me encanta la adrenalina de un paracaídas o parapente y tengo licencia para pilotear avionetas. He vivido mucho tiempo en el exterior pero me considero muy humilde y muy real. Estoy en esta aplicación por que deseo conocer más personas que vivan cerca de cali y ojalá encontrar a alguien honesto y especial para una relación romantica 💘 Solo quiero conocer personas solteras, con cualidades similares a las mías, educadas e íntegras, hombres honestos, estables y directos; preferiblemente profesionales a quien yo pueda admirar; ojalá seas alegre, te guste hacer ejercicio, seas fiel, apasionado, divertido, romántico, cariñoso, amable, y que te guste ir a bailar. Que seas espontáneo, te guste y puedas viajar dentro y fuera del país... hay muchos lugares hermosos para conocer, vamos ✈️ Gracias por leer mi largo perfil, tal vez soy un poco exigente, pues quiero conocer a la persona adecuada. Yo ahora estoy en Cali-Valle; si tienes varias de las cualidades que me atraen y te interesa conocernos, escríbeme 😉
44 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Have children: No
TIRED OF KISSING FROGS .... 🐸LOOKING FOR MY PRINCE ⛔️ warnings: If you not verified and at one point of our chat we share numbers first thing I will do is ask for a video call and if you denied that’s it I won’t talk to you i will block you my friend ! so if you a scam don’t waste yours and my time 👍🏽😬 ⛔️ If you cannot keep a conversation alive Or have some type or allergies TO ANIMALS dont message me PLEASE im a cat 🐱 lover 💜 actually I’m a cat women meaaaow 🤣 entrepreneur, generous, humble, charming, a bit cranky, lover of music, animals, tattoos, Halloween, Christmas, good food, travel, sports, wine, nature and sunsets 🌅 In search of infinite happiness without thinking about the past or the future, living intentionally the present without attachments to anything and connected to everything 💫 ⛔️ egocentric, monosyllabic, toxic, jealous, shorty (less than 5.8”) I love to wear heels 👠 🤣and dramatic refrain from loving me 💜 happy & blessed day looking for my enchanted prince tired of kissing 🐸 ⛔️Si You can't have a fluid conversation or you have allergies to animals and don't like it Don't write me I love cats 💜😻 I am Gatubela meaaaow 🤣 Entrepreneurial, generous, humble, charming, a little bit mischievous, lover of music, animals, tattoos, halloween, christmas, Good food, travel, sport, red wine and sunsets 🌅 in search of infinite happiness without thinking about the past or the future, living intensely the present without attachments to anything and connected to everything 💫 ⛔️Egocentricos, monosyllables, toxic, cellopates, Short with less than 1.78 cm (I love wearing 👠🤣 heels) and dramatic refrain from giving me like 💜 Happy & blessed day
37 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 35 - 45
Have children: No
Charm is disappointing, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30) This is in short what I'm looking for: To be a good woman in the eyes of the Lord. 🙏 It's Been a process. I've got so much to learn and improve, and I hope we can make a good team in order to grow and enjoy life together. So, please, if you're not Christian or not interested, don't mind contacting me. In other words, and I hope you don't find this offensive, but some differences are unconscionable. I'm not interested in Buddhism, 'new eraism', Islam and so on. I DO RESPECT EVERYONE'S BELIEFS! Hope you respect mine as well 🤝. Additionally, if you are a rude and/or aggressive person, don't even text me. I'm tired of foolish wasting my time. Please. If you're not mature enough to control your words and behaviors, again, don't waste people's time. We are ADULTS and not meant to be in Chilean discussions! English: If you are not a Christian or you are not interested in the subject. Let us not waste time. Additionally if he is a rude and a jerk who does not know how to control his words and actions, do not waste my time. Go your way. We are adults to know how to communicate with RESPECT. There are some fools who do not know how to control themselves and it bothers me. *Update*👇 If you don't describe yourself and what you're looking for in the description or the message, how on earth do you expect me to pay attention to it?? Please, friends, a bit of common sense 🤯! Also, if there's only one picture, do you honestly think I'd take it seriously? (ENG: If your profile only has one photo or two, I'm not interested. If your profile has no description, either. Unless, in your message you tell me who you are and what you are looking for). UPDATE: Recently I've received some messages saying: "oh, you have lots of requests". Really??? If being straight forward and clear from the very beginning sounds like a lot of requirements to you, plz don't message me. It's not about requirements, it's about having an idea who you're talking to. Please bear in mind that I want by no means to be rude or impolite. I'm just being honest and straight forward so BOTH OF us don't WASTE time and energy. ** 🙏 and please (I know I might sound monotonous, but it's true) don't message me saying you don't like my profile or that I should say this or that. I'm not asking for your opinion. If you don't like my way of thinking and improving things, go ahead and continue your search but DON'T drain my energy reading your empty messages. **Lately I've received messages from people 20+ years older than me. And, yes, I did have daddy issues a while ago (since I had an absent father), but not any more, praise God 🙏 so, please understand that I DO CONSIDER AGE GAPS. Some facts about me: 1 . I don't have kids* and I'd love to know someone in equal conditions. *Some ask me if I want to be a mom... First, I really want to be a good wife. We'll see then... 2 . I'm 1.80m tall and I prefer dating taller guys. Sorry, but, although I don't prioritize physical appearance, height matters to me. 2.(ENG) I'm 1.80m and I DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE DATING men shorter than me. Nothing personal! 3. 'M Christian. Bible-centered. I'm not perfect at all. But I daily acknowledge my need of the Good Shepherd, the Bread of life, my Savior, etc. I want to HIGHLIGHT this point because it influences my habits (ie prayer and Bible reading, church going); THEREFORE, if you're NOT Christian it won't work (believe me 🙏). So, again, let's save TIME and ENERGY. 4. Former theater actress. I loved acting and dreamed of being the best actress in the world hehe, but, well, not only I obviously didn't make it 😅💔 but, didn't like the industry and its dynamics. I'd love to work for a Christian film industry if possible. 4. Since I was in my mother's woman 🤗 I love physical activity and sports. I played tennis daily for 8 years and currently do physical activity daily (cycling, running, swimming). At the beginning of 2014 I was invited to ride a bike and since I love to ride a bike. I really enjoy traveling and getting to know other cultures and stories. 🎾Update: I'm playing tennis again!!! Every day!!! 💚🎾 update: due to a sprained ankle 🥺 I'm playing volleyball and doing lots of workouts at home 🏋🏻‍♀️ praiseGod for healthy habits. Update: Sprained ankle a few days ago 😭 No tennis for a while. In short, I'd like to meet my life partner and be his helper :) and have a mostly love story. **Bible-centered and Christ-centered** ; communication with God is a PRIORITY in my life. Now I'm looking for projects to take, travel the world (if possible), but ESPECIALLY do God's will 🙏 I'm currently looking for new projects (farming, eco building, tourism, traveling, and so on), But above all I want to do is God's will. PS:I don't know why it says WORKSHOP! It should say workshop* than me. There's something wrong with the page. I work as a language teacher. And although it's not my professional passion, I enjoy serving others, and pedagogy has its good moments. Last but not least, you might think I'm a tough woman, and I might look like one, cuz I'm tall and athletic, but those who know me can tell you I like to be super tender, funny and loving. And, yes! I do talk to my stuffed animals 🤭... 🐶🐑🐰🐼🐢and they talk to me as well 😁 Now that you know a bit about yourself, and perhaps you think that we'd write a love story together (along with God), go ahead and tell me a bit of yourself 🤗... Yes, I speak both English and Spanish.