Colombian Ladies with Black Hair

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32 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 29 - 48
Hair color: Black
I am a believing woman and fearful of God, strong, independent, the complaint is not good always have to put the good side to things, I am a woman of challenges and projects that I fulfill step by step without eagerness but with a lot of wisdom to achieve the objectives, i love growing as a person, at a professional business level, i think that everything is possible if you have discipline and perseverance, the kindness and honesty instilled is a virtue for me, traveling is my passion, meet villages, connect with nature I think that in those little things there is the magic of thanking the universe for its wonders. the physicist is important in terms of good personal presentation, but the inner part of a human being is more valuable, i believe in love at first sight but i also believe that everything is a step by step, where you should give way to know each other, share and connect, i love people who dream even without having how to fulfill them because they become visionary and declare it and end up fulfilling the i am of strong character depending on the situation but laughs first of all , despite any situation you always have to put the good side to everything smile to advance even with broken heart, because from the worst experience is learning and you must see how something that is part of life, sharing and not being selfish is my passion without expecting anything in return, even if I have nothing if I can serve to give and help I will do it while I am within my reach finally without fear if we fall because we return. To get up you can always 💜
39 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 40 - 47
Hair color: Black
Sorry, I am only interested on people that live in Colombia. I DO NOT believe on long distance relationships. Please don’t waste your 🙏 100% I AM NOT GOING TO REPLY If you don’t live in Colombia or are not between 40-50 years old. Hola, si vives en Colombia, preferiblemente cerca a cali, y tienes entre 40 y 49 años de edad, leíste todo mi perfil y aún estas interesado en conocerme. Es un placer 😊 yo soy muy honesta y directa, y se muy bien lo que quiero.... DEFINITIVAMENTE no creo en relaciones de larga distancia. No me gustan los hombres mayores de 50 o menores de 40! soy alérgica a los mentirosos, mujeriegos y los que fumen; No me interesa una amistad con un hombre casado 🙏 Soy soltera, alegre, positiva, muy sencilla, integra, cariñosa, honesta, trabajadora, con los pies bien en la tierra y muy directa. Me gusta hacer ejercicio todas las mañanas, viajar, explorar, leer, aprender, y progresar. Tambien disfruto salir a bailar, andar en mi moto y pasear por el Mar. Me encanta la adrenalina de un paracaídas o parapente y tengo licencia para pilotear avionetas. He vivido mucho tiempo en el exterior pero me considero muy humilde y muy real. Estoy en esta aplicación por que deseo conocer más personas que vivan cerca de cali y ojalá encontrar a alguien honesto y especial para una relación romantica 💘 Solo quiero conocer personas solteras, con cualidades similares a las mías, educadas e íntegras, hombres honestos, estables y directos; preferiblemente profesionales a quien yo pueda admirar; ojalá seas alegre, te guste hacer ejercicio, seas fiel, apasionado, divertido, romántico, cariñoso, amable, y que te guste ir a bailar. Que seas espontáneo, te guste y puedas viajar dentro y fuera del país... hay muchos lugares hermosos para conocer, vamos ✈️ Gracias por leer mi largo perfil, tal vez soy un poco exigente, pues quiero conocer a la persona adecuada. Yo ahora estoy en Cali-Valle; si tienes varias de las cualidades que me atraen y te interesa conocernos, escríbeme 😉
45 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 35 - 65
Hair color: Black
IF YOUR PROFILE DOESN´T HAVE A PICTURE, I WILL NO REPLY (Please try to post a recent picture). IF YOU DON´T READ MY PROFILE, I WILL NOT REPLY. IF YOU ONLY SEND A "HELLO" IN YOUR FIRT MESSAGE, I WILL NOT REPLY. First, thanks a lot for taking time to read this. I appreciate it because time is priceless. It was the same time I took for writing this. Unfortunately, I have been here enough time to learn a lot about how this works, when someone isn´t "honest", when someone is not real, when a guy is not enough interested or when he is playing games. I know for sure there are many many people online with no good intentions but is real also, that many of us really care and we are not playing games. So please, don´t waste people´s time or at least not the time of women with profiles that don´t look like a fake. Like mine. Please be nice. Some guys sent the first line in the first conversation like “send pictures”. Don´t be rude, please. I don´t know the rest of women here, but it doesn´t feel good when a guy tries to make women feel like a piece of meat expecting for being bought. For sure I am not rushing about having a guy next to me. I know how to enjoy my life alone, so I am here because sharing is the only way to make something good even better! (Did you watch the movie INTO THE WILD? That is true!). So….do you want a nice, tender, romantic, passionate, soft, committed and deboted woman to the relationship? Be exactly what you want to get. Did you hear about latin woman and how warm we can be? That is true the most of time, but is true also that you get what you are or give. Now a bit about me: I am very, very, very tender, romantic, passionate and enjoy taking care of my partner... but I am only after a time when I know him well. At the beginning I am a bit shy but sweet and loving when I feel in love. I give myself 200%. I am a giver but not a submissive. My scuba diving certification is in stand by but I will get it sooner or later. I prefer few friends instead of being surrounded by a lot of people. Enjoy literature, poetry, good movies, camping, walks, INTERESTING AND LONG CONVERSATIONS. Night life doesn’t describe me but once in a while I go out to enjoy alive salsa music concert and dance all night long. Love animals. I didn´t like cats before to have them. during the pandemic I rescued 4 who were dying. Stupid and ignorant people thought that pets spread viruses, so in my city they poisoned and threw them into the streets to die or killed them by the dozen. Yes, we HUMAN beings! In any case, I love them now and they were my company during most of the quarantine. They gave me their love and cheered me on the hardest days. No, I will not abandon them. Whoever abandons a pet or a being that has accepted you and given their love can abandon another living being, even a human. Cats don't accept strangers easily, sometimes they never do so the deal is me and my four cats. No, I didn´t get a plastic surgery (some not polite men ask about it---very rude!). Love traveling and I do it as a backpacker. I need a night or two in a single room in a hostel when I am too tired and need to sleep for many hours but the most of time I enjoy sharing. I am not the kind of woman who sends messages all the time or try to "hunt" a guy doing whatever. I prefer we both have and show the same interest and take enough time to know each other in the proper way. But it doesn´t mean that I will not keep you focuced on me ;) You know, this is a kind of profiles´s zapping, so the most of people here, get lost in that zapping. At the end they get nothing because they don´t get focused on few or in one person only. Is the same with business, guys!…I didn´t wrote the rules. Life is the way it is. If I give you my number I´ll give you all my attention and I´ll talk only with you until we find out things are not working. Then I´ll talk with the next one. I love traveling. I have traveled around my country, Venezuela, Ecuador, México and I went to Perú on June 2019. Just came back from my last trip to Chile Dec 2021. My next trip will be Europe or maybe US on 2023. I use to travel inside my country by riding my motorcycle. Love that feeling! If you did before you know what I am talking about. Is great to discover how strong you are when the unforeseen events come along the way and you are able to face them to find a solution. One of my dreams is to travel around several countries by riding a motorcycle. I hope with my future husband :) if not I will enjoy it by myself anyway. I love treating my partner the same romantic, passionate, respectful and sexy way I want to be treated. I have a huge and a quality amount of love to give because I don´t waste my time, words or romantic energy, jumping to a relationship to another. So, a new partner always will have the best of me. I know it's hard to find but I would like my future husband NOT have had many sexual partners, like me. **********BAD THINGS ABOUT ME?********* THOUSANDS More sensitive than I would like so I can cry easily. But this feature also makes me appreciate and enjoy the smallest details that come from the soul. I am not a very good housewife. If I cook and wash clothes at the same time, it will probably stain your shirts or burn food ... or both! Sorry. I am bad in everything I do but I am good at loving people and being loyal. There is some procrastination in some of my plans so sometimes I need a push or maybe the promise of a passionate romantic evening to motivate me. I have problems with time management. Sometimes I neglect my appearance a bit, especially when I travel or when I have periods of deep sadness. I think and reflect more than I should. Sometimes we just have to let life pass ... there are thousands of things that we cannot change. And thousands of other things that I suppose you will discover if you want to know me more. I have tried to be as honest as possible here but surely I forgot many things. Ah! I have a terrible memory LOL. I am NOT here looking for a visa or money. I am old enough to know the way I want to be treated and for sure when women are looking for money, they have to shut up and deal with no good things sometimes. I´m not that way. NO pen pals or friends!. I only want someone who is SUPER HONEST and wants a longterm relationship that lead to marriage. Good luck Everybody and thanks again for reading!