Colombian Ladies who Occasionally Smoke

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39 Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
The roar of the sea, and curling and agiganta; the moon, a bird of light, prepare the flight and at the time that the face lifts, gives a kiss to the sea, and goes back to heaven. And the monster indomitable, that breathes tempests, and goes up and down and grows, to feel that a kiss, sighs... and in his jail of rocks... shudders centuries of centuries that, far from the tremble of love in summer nights; she gives its crystal clear reflections, the offers its pearls and corals. With pride are expressed his loves these old lovers afflicted; she tells him, "I love you!" in their flashes, and he responds, "I love you!" in their roars. She aduerme with its pure fire, and the sea, the coos with his eternal cry and tells him his eagerness and his bitterness with a voice that thunders in the infinite. She, pale and sad, she hears and goes up to the space that his light slumps, and watching the face behind the cloud, he hides the grief that to his forehead leans out. Understands that his love is impossible, that the sea the copy on your breast, and convulsive contemplated in the movable glass blue monster that rumbles of thunder. And, as we descend after a cold, yells at the sea: "In your brilliance I hug!" Do not descend as soon, star mia! It stars of my love, stop the step! An instant mitigates my bitterness, since in sidereal thy light I Don't bathe away!... Do you not see your pure image, shine in the blue of my bowels?" And she exclaims, in his crazy delusion: "Everywhere death surrounds me, I can't stop my monster! I pity your poor is dying! My last kiss of passion sent you; my last lampo to your countenance together!" and in the deep darkness of the void, made corpse, collapses to the point. Then, the sea, from one pole to the other pole, to curl its waves mourners, immense, sad, helpless and alone, covered with his sobs the riverbanks. And as we contemplate the luminous traces of the alba moon in the dark veil, tremble, of jealousy and pain, the Astros in the deep solitude of heaven. All calla... the sea sleeps, and not annoying with their savage cries of reproach; and sounds kissing with the moon in the thalamus black of night.
61 Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Seeking: Male 60 - 70
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
45 Bello, Antioquia, Colombia
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
Smoke: Occasionally smoke
I am a woman in every sense of the word ... i am complicated bone that I always want to depart with the mia and i have a mind dangerous; need someone to make me dome so to speak ... ja ja ja lies i am a merry person, uncomplicated, simple, friendly, responsible, organized, loyal and faithful to my principles, good humor, honest, very sincere bone ... perfect ... lol everything else left for you discover . Physically i am a piel canela as we say in my country, I am small in stature but that can be solved using high heeled shoes ... You can imagine! Lol, my hair is black as night, as I have good Colombian hips big; in conclusion KNOW ME THUS. I like sport, music, good food, go for a walk, a good movie, make friends, spend time with the people that I love, learn a little bit of everything and a little bit of everything and draw from the experiences the positive things to grow as a person. I am a woman in the whole sense of the word ... am bony that complicated, I always want to go out myself with mine and I possess a dangerous mind; I need somebody that tames i for this way to say it ... ja ja ja lies is somebody cheerful, uncomplicated, simple, kind, responsible, organized, loyal, faithful to my principles, of good humor, honest, very bony sincère ... perfect ... lol the other thing leaves it so that you discover it your. Physically I am a skin cinnamon like we say in my country, I am small of stature but that gets ready using high shoes ... you imagine it! Lol, my hair is black as the night, as good Colombian I have the big hips; in conclusion you know me. I like the sport, the music, the good food, to leave to walk, a good movie, to make friends, time to pass with people that I love, to learn a little of all and of all a little and to take out of the experiences the positive things to grow as person.