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66 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 63
Education: High School
33 Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia
Seeking: Male 29 - 45
Education: High School
26 Yopal, Casanare, Colombia
Seeking: Male 25 - 44
Education: High School
I should like to begin by saying that I hate the people who think that beauty is synonymous with stupidity. I hate to those who lie, to the people false that is hidden, that i am white and sometimes other black but i have always. I hate the people that forgot to play, those who do not understand poetry nor of colors. I hate swimming against the current, it is better to be led, float, enjoy the moment without penalties, no strings attached, no disappointments. I hate those who put limits on the dreams and the smiles, i hate those who classify or label. I love to play, live and dream. Getting out of bed in the morning, open your eyes and feel like breathing. I love her in on how having a smile on their face, is the best medicine that the soul may have. I am not a woman very particular… I don't like chains, he fled to the psychological ties. I need not forcing yourself to nothing, nor cry sentences, or make tantrums to get what I want (although soil them). Life has taught me that nothing is insurmountable, that everything that happens teaches you something and that is with me only who really wants to be. I like that know me, that I understand without using common metric because it does not so no one ever will. I open the windows very little, my doors are almost always closed for safety reasons, I give to earrings because it is better not tidied. Look at the gardens, i am surprised by the children and butterflies; curious, yesterday he hated cats, now I seem to be super interesting, the dragonflies i love from small and the fireflies i hypnotized. It is easy just looked at me, but for me you have to look further. As I try not to anyone, I almost the common things we understand. For me, there is a already, one now, yes, a does not. The maybe is not part of my vocabulary, that never will be my answer. Use the hair to the natural because I feel more real, if you liked fine, and if not what else… I am distrustful by nature, I have been hurt many times but i have never ceased to love. My life has been a shambles, but it is my chaos and loved as well… apparently innocuous things with low blows, not at all easy, but perhaps more exciting. Most of the time i write what I feel and other gives me talking, i never was always quiet i have something to say. My independence can be confused with solitude, but I am never alone although, at times, who does not have to be, in these places i can be with me, I like me and accommodate my thoughts trying to give them some logical order. I am not interested in at the end if you can't capture me or not, but if i am interested in me communicate. I have a style of his own maybe difficult to achieve and if I offer you sharing does not anger me if not given, just a pity that no fish fly, but i have never killed by anyone nor do I think that s going to happen, I have overcome horrible things single and here I am on foot with nothing to lose and everything to gain. In my life there are many colors and flowers and perfumes, moments with music and noise, endless silences, crying, books and i can sleep in peace even though if I am frightened some shadows in the dark.



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