Colombian Women Seeking a Serious Relationship who went to Vocational College

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23 Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Seeking: 24 - 30
Education: Vocational College
38 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Education: Vocational College
I really want to be honest, if your intention is to find a prostitute, or siwinger I'm not that kind of woman and I'm not looking for a sugar daddy. I can say that I am a very adaptable person, I have lived in Norway for a short time and I know the Scandinavian and European culture a little, I have no problem with the time change, I adapt immediately to what it is. You should know that I come from a family with some privileges such as good education and culture, in my country things work differently than in North America; Here there are social classes and having an education is a privilege that makes me have high moral values ​​and I am not impressed by material things. Please take my words in the best way, I must say that I am a person with my feet on the ground, I am not self-centered, selfish and the more I have knowledge I realize that there is much to learn and apart from material things, there are things more expensive like loyalty, honest and sincere love, which I would like to give and find, make no mistake, I know I look a little sexy and I take great care of my body and my health, But I have been very careful with whom I have a relationship with, in the country there is a saying: A key that opens many locks is considered a master key, however a lock that is opened by any key loses itself value, I have studied a little the nature of men and women and men have different roles in life, I am not a feminist and I think that men in North American and European countries give a lot to their women's and the government system makes women take advantage of it by taking everything away from them(men's). I think that Colombian women usually give a lot, we can be hard-working, good mothers, we like it and I am comfortable taking care of my partner, my home and at the same time taking care of myself and always looking healthy and attractive for my partner. I have received many messages, the problem I see is that many men write very nice words but do not act, I do not want just a friend, I am alone because I have decided to give my love and my body to a good man, But he should know what he has to have the role very manly, I don't read minds or intentions, he has to be clear, determined and honest, I don't care about how his physique look or his age, he must be intelligent, a good human being, Without fear of show feelings and a pervert when you are alone with me, I must say that I am an intelligent, educated, sweet, spontaneous woman, with a great and very sensual imagination, I like to be provocative but for a man who deserves it, who I will make him my King, do not remember meeting me. I live between Canada and Colombia and I have a little business with my best friend in USA. I will have Canada citizenship soon and my American Visa is available for 8 years more, so I'm no looking for documents.. Of course I have defects and I'm open to answer any question. I'm in Canada since Sept 2022 .
44 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 65
Education: Vocational College
It baffles me how many people are looking for love but it really comes a click game with no real interest in focusing and putting the effort into one person. No one chooses, everyone gets caught up in this game of love marketing. I want to find someone who thinks out of the box and try to give some real and deep sense in his life, not only living in a material and superficial way. And so we both are happy and a support for each other...especially in the worst moments...you know, those moments when the mood is not the best, where frustrations come, when money is not enough. That even when we can't stand each other we can say..."but I love him/her, we´ll keep making it work". I only will talk with the one who can take time to read my profile, talking on a WhatsApp call and later video call. I think love is a decision and this must to be easy: you like it, you work on it, you get it. A few important things about me: * I have cats and they will go when I go. I have rescued them from the street and I would not have the heart to give them up for adoption knowing that someone else had them before and did not care if they were left on the street * I am not here playing games or looking for money. I do´t collect contacts and no looking for friends. Only serious relationship and future marriage. * I don't care of you are older than me as long as you have a young heart and mind!´ :) * I have no dramas in my life (ex´s, kids or family who generate them) * If the first thing you do is asking for pictures, we are not vibrating in the same frequency so I am sorry, It will not work. I am not looking for a body but a soul. At the end of us going to look the same: Old and worn so that will be your intelligence, creativity and romanticism what make a woman fall in love with you no matter how you look...and will make her wants to be next to you in bed every single night. * I have been traveling around South America first so I do´t have an American visa yet (some guys ask for that requirement). * Do´t expect me for me to reply your message if you do´t read my profile. So if you read it all your first message will have to have the word "bikini" :)